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  1. biggislims

    Unholy Grail

    This is Drako, Grail’s faithful hound. Drako served Master Ceasare for 19 years, having been brought home to Grimmblade Manor on the same day newborn baby Grail was brought home from the hospital in Devilicus. Drako is the first party member that will join Grail. I got the idea for this...
  2. biggislims

    Unholy Grail

    Grail Grimmblade, a young man who grew up in a fancy manor, situated on the outskirts of the ancient city, Devilicus, in the Kingdom of Gaia. He spent his school semesters in the distant, DeLion Academy, in the Impenetrable, capitol city, Angelica, where he studied Fine Art. He was in class last...
  3. biggislims

    Unholy Grail

    Today I was successful in getting from Point A (Start Menu) to Point B (Demo End)! And I added Yanfly's Quest Journal System! It's hard to believe the software doesn't come with a Journal System, it's pretty much the industry standard for RPGs. Thank you, Yanfly! Now I just need to focus on...
  4. biggislims

    Unholy Grail

    Unholy Grail is the title of my current project with RPG Maker MV. Check out my Tumbler page for more. I'll post more here in the future, to track my progress in creating a demo by end of the year.
  5. biggislims

    "Failed to create a distribution package" error

    A little more info: When I open the folder of files that did get deployed before the error, I see this: I'm guessing this Mapshots Folder is out of place? When I look inside it, I see a .png file I created for my other RPG Maker Project I have going. Why is the software including the...
  6. biggislims

    Hi Sandman, are you still active, and living in San Diego?

    Hi Sandman, are you still active, and living in San Diego?
  7. biggislims

    Battle Spoils Question

    Hey all, I'm having an issue where the Victory music that plays when the "Battle Spoils" screen pops up is way too loud. I looked in various (Yanfly's) plugins that I thought might be associated with it, but can't find a way to lower the volume, which seems to be set at the default 90. Also, I...
  8. biggislims

    "Failed to create a distribution package" error

    Hey all, I've been working on my project lately, and got to a point where I wanted to send it to a friend, just to see how it would run on his Windows computer, but every time I click Deployment, and Windows (setting my destination folder to multiple places) I get this error: So, I created...
  9. biggislims

    Titan City

    This is my current project. I’m using RPGMaker MV to craft a game simple in concept, and yet epic in scope of what I have planned for Knuckles. The year is 2050 AD Titan City has been plagued by a catastrophic homeless epidemic for decades now, and over that time it has gotten increasingly...
  10. biggislims

    Goreth [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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    Goreth [Deleted]

    biggislims submitted a new resource: Goreth - Giant Battler Read more about this resource...
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    biggislims submitted a new resource: Goreth - Giant Battler Read more about this resource...
  13. biggislims

    Goreth 1.0

    Here's a giant battler that I created from an old sketch I did years ago. Feel free to use this however you like, just give me a shout out in your game credits with a link to my profile on this site.
  14. biggislims

    Sahuagin Edits

    biggislims submitted a new resource: Sahuagin Edits - Edited Sahuagin Battlers Read more about this resource...