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  1. TheUnproPro

    What would you say is acceptable language to use in RPG Maker?

    I feel like if you're going to use profanity, then make sure its specific to the character(s) attitude. For example, a punk-like character might use "ass" or "shit" a bit more often than someone who's a bit more mentally developed. Someone smart like a scientist may only use words like "Damn"...
  2. TheUnproPro

    RMMV Game Contest $300 + Prizes! All entries win!

    I miss things like these <3
  3. TheUnproPro

    RPG Maker MV Mini-Map Plugin

    You shouldn't be using this what with the bugs it has and all. Apparently you can't save / load the game properly and I still haven't gotten around to remaking it
  4. TheUnproPro

    RPG Maker MV Mini-Map Plugin

    Yeah, I'm really sorry about that bug. One day I'll get around to fixing it if I can.
  5. TheUnproPro

    Slot Machines Plugin!

    I don't remember since this plugin is really old and I haven't touched RPG Maker programming in a while xD
  6. TheUnproPro

    17 free to use bgm

    thats fine
  7. TheUnproPro

    Romance System

    No worries
  8. TheUnproPro

    Romance System

    I haven't worked on it today but so far I can't figure out what caused the bug
  9. TheUnproPro

    Romance System

    Perhaps~ who knows but I'm working on a fix
  10. TheUnproPro

    Romance System

    I'll try to look into it, sorry this is happening. Also no, I don't have a demo of it~ not anymore, but no worries
  11. TheUnproPro

    Romance System

    Ah thats really odd, it shouldn't just shop up randomly~ does it stay or vanish immediately?
  12. TheUnproPro

    Pack of 11 windowskins [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  13. TheUnproPro

    Character Profiles

    Nope, as I said I have no idea whats happening, but thanks for the complement about it being good
  14. TheUnproPro

    Character Profiles

    In that case I have literally next to no idea what to do about it :/ sorry, wish I was better at plugin development lol
  15. TheUnproPro

    Character Profiles

    yes you need a picture, if you want you can just use a blank image, though..