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    Minecraft Spigot Mod: Supernaturals

    Supernaturals is a Class based system that adds the classes you know and love such as Healers, Supports, DPS, Range, Tanks, with a lovely twist! Supernaturals adds Vampires, Werewolves, Ghouls, Demons, Witchhunters, Priests, and Necromancers to the game! If you'd like to test out the plugin you...
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    Welcome back :D Glad to have you back and hope to see you around more!

    Welcome back :D Glad to have you back and hope to see you around more!
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    Amy's Pixel Art

    Yeah, same. Starting to try and get it back up but branching into a general website and making it Game Development oriented than just RMMV. Also, love the bottom picture, that's amazing and reminds me of something I've seen a while back (probably something you did lol)
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    What are different societal creature races in your fantasy game?

    I have the races that are allied with eachother are Orcs, Elves, Humans, and Dwarfs due to the tree of life connecting all worlds together. I also have Wild, Undead, and soon to be more that are creatures without societies and that attack on the spot.
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    MV 1.1 test test

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    Xyphien submitted a new resource: test - test Read more about this resource...
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    Hey everyone

    Hello and welcome to the community, glad to have you here and looking forward to seeing you around :)
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    Starbird's ask me anything

    It's an old role. It use to be for the RMMV.co we had a team of resource developers get together every month and make resources for the community to download as a massive package.
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    Traces of RMMV

    I'll add this to the list of things I need to fix :) I believe the light theme still has a BUNCH of ads which aren't suppose to be displayed so I'll look into fixing all of this when I'm working on the back end later today!
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    Hi all!

    Hello and welcome @Tagobs ! Glad to have you here, and hope you enjoy your stay!
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    Hi All

    Hello Andrei! How're you doing?
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    Demi Tactics

    Demi Tactics is an Auto Chess I'm making for Demi. The main reasoning behind it is the fact that I find these games to be extremely fun, and what better way to spread the love than by making a Mythology based version of the game! Above is a very, very early pre-alpha gameplay screenshot of...
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    JoyFreak here!

    Hello JoyFreak! Glad to have you here, I'm shocked you found it on XenForo :O haven't posted on there in a while lol. I'm glad you thought it was beautiful and hope you enjoy your stay! P.S. what're some games you play? Do you like Autochess like Teamfight tactics?
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    We're back! With even more features!

    Hello everyone! We're back up and running. With the return of @MinisterJay as well as myself we're here to try and get this website active again! We're adding a TON of new features to the website that will help give people incentive to come back and be active. Firstly, we've announced this a...