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MV 1.3 Audio Pack #1 2018-01-26

No permission to download
It's true that I've provided some sounds in the past, but I'd like this one to be my first "official" audio pack. This pack contains 12 SE's and 1 ME. If you like these sounds, would you consider supporting me on Patreon? <3

ME -
  1. rmp_spooky.ogg

SE -
  1. rmp_back.ogg
  2. rmp_big_powerup.ogg
  3. rmp_bubble.ogg
  4. rmp_buzzer.ogg
  5. rmp_cursor.ogg
  6. rmp_load.ogg
  7. rmp_reflect_barrier.ogg
  8. rmp_robot_bootup.ogg
  9. rmp_robot_talking.ogg
  10. rmp_save.ogg
  11. rmp_select.ogg
  12. rmp_select2.ogg (higher pitched but without speedup)
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest reviews

Great sounds. A bit more "tech-y" sounding than the usual RPG sound effect.
Very useful in my opinion