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MV 1.3 CT_Bolt's Stamina System 2.3b

No permission to download
Added a new preview of a plugin called CTB_TextDisplay.
See demo for details.

Displaying Stamina as Pecentage Requested by Corvnoir
Hey dude, love the stamina plugin, could you add a command to show the stamina % on screen?
Not like a gauge or a HUD, just a simple % value.
Now when you change the stamina game variable it will also change players stamina. Before stamina could only increase naturally and would then set it to a variable at the end.
v2.2 Added Features
  • Parameter: Auto-Refill
  • Function: percent_of_stamina()
How to Use:
Adjust the parameters to suit your needs.
You may even use javascript in all the parameter settings.
  • ex. $gameVariables.value(2)
    Use this as any of the parameters will set that
    parameter to the value of Game Variable ID #2

To refill stamina you can use the following:
  • Plugin Command: Refill Stamina
  • Script Call: $gamePlayer.refillStamina();
Update per LadyLegend's Request:
I have two variables the stamina and the maximum stamina. the maximum stamina will change throughout the game. Is there a way to make the maximum stamina variable too instead of being set by the plugin?