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Currency Formatter Plugin

MV 1.2 Currency Formatter Plugin 1.1

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Name: Currency Formatter Plugin
Version: 1.0
Author: Companion Wulf
Release Versions:
1.2 (Public) - No longer applicable
1.1 (Public) - 26 March 2016
1.0 (Public) - 6 January 2016

As of Version 1.2, this has now been integrated into the QEngine as a core function, so I will no longer update this as a separate plugin. The link here is for v1.1 and goes to Pastebin.

The Currency Formatter plugin rewrites the currency into a much more readable format, especially with larger numbers.

It splits larger currency numbers with commas, thus 100000 is shown as 100,000.

Numbers can also be truncated, for example, 1,000 can also be changed to 1k and 1,000,000 to 1m if you set its options to "Suffix".

Status Screen - Commas Setting

Shop - Suffix Setting

Change to the following in the parameters setting:

Comma - Separates numbers with commas, so 100000 becomes 100,000.

Suffix - Replaces trailing zeros with words, i.e. "k" for thousands and "m"
for millions.

Note: Since the maximum allowed value for gold in RMMV is 99,999,999 this is rounded up to 100,000,000, with the output being "100m". Hence, there is no "b" for billions, etc.

There aren't any known bugs or issues.

Download the ZIP file and extract the CW_CurrencyFormatter.js file directly into the JS folder in your RMMV project.

You are free to use this in non-commercial projects, but please refer to the RPG Maker Times Terms of Use for other details, including commercial use.

Credit "Companion Wulf" or "RPG Maker Times" if using this plugin in your projects.

For anyone who's interested:

This plugin was originally inspired by the (partially requested) scriptlet I did for RMVX and RMVXA, where large amounts for shops needed to be truncated.
Companion Wulf
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