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Facesets for SF_Actor1 sheet from RPG Maker MV

Facesets for SF_Actor1 sheet from RPG Maker MV 1.0

No permission to download
These are no edits of the stock portraits and also not done with the MV generator but recreations made in 12-20-layer paint shop files using the generator parts. Every faceset includes edited, additional and/or custom made elements like eyes, mouth, hair or clothing done by myself.

The facesets often differ from the stock portraits (p.e. hair color, eye color or clothing) to match the sprites better.

The emotions for all facesets are the same, with the exception of the last one, which is custom depending on the character: neutral, friendly, roguish, happy, surprised, angry, sad, custom* (from left to right, top row first)

To download right-click the pictures and use the option 'save as...'
SF_Actor1_1 MV.png
SF_Actor1_2 MV.png
SF_Actor1_3 MV.png
SF_Actor1_4 MV.png
SF_Actor1_5 MV.png
SF_Actor1_6 MV.png
SF_Actor1_7 MV.png
SF_Actor1_8 MV.png

Terms of use:
The use of these faceset is restricted to RPG Maker projects (non-commercial only). Credits to Kadokawa/Enterbrain and TheStoryteller01 if you use them. No redistribution of the originals or edited versions allowed.
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