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Firearms and Flowers - Greetings From The Garden [Contest 4/2019] 1.0

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Note - Per the rules - This game includes drug uses, profanity, and acknowledges human sexuality exists. As the protagonist is a drug dealer. The game technically takes place in the future, but is more of a modern urban fantasy game and the protagonist reacts to the previously unknown elements with - given his typical social lifestyle - appropriate language. That said, while present, profanity is far from being in every line of dialog, and actual drugs and the act of dealing them only makes a very minor appearance.

This was created for the Jungle contest (https://rpgmakermv.co/threads/rmmv-game-contest-300-prizes-all-entries-win.9182/) and created with the best of my abilities given the timeframe and my own schedule. I am no artist, musician, or programmer, so do not expect much flash in any of those departments.

Per the rules of the contest, I did not include any elements gathered from outside this website OR from RPGMaker itself. I did use the Community Plugin from RPGMaker and I used the Jungle tileset from the contest. I did not use any other plugins, and the custom art (if you can call it that) is entirely self traced or generated. And terrible.

This is effectively Chapter I. I somewhat restricted myself given that I wanted to keep most of the action in the spirit of the rules and take place in a Jungle. I also freely admit that the whole thing is very crudely based on the title and somewhat meaning behind Guns n' Roses : Welcome to the Jungle.


You play as Jason Alverez, an individual with little drive or ambition who occasionally deals drugs as a way of paying for his carefree party lifestyle. An encounter at a party reveals hidden realities, forcing him into a protective role he does not want but cannot refuse. By the end of it, he may stop being a terrible person. But that's unlikely.

A brief description of what to expect, in case of game-stopping bugs (as alerted to below)

There is the opening scene, the first dungeon, a return to the "Real World" where you are tasked with finding the second dungeon (then it, naturally) then an ending scene wherein the Elementals you haven't seen talk to the player for a bit.
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The story starts off nice, engaging, and is quite funny. I also like the creative transition from the original map to the jungle map. I have a question though, I grabbed paper at the trials portion of the game and placed it on the shrine and waited. Nothing happened, so I had assumed that my object of choice was incorrect, yet I had no idea on how to drop it to choose another one.

Does the game end there, or am I encouraged to restart the game and choose another object after likely saving upon entering the trial map?
Paper absolutely should have worked. Not sure how I missed that as testing all of the objects in there was mind-numbing and annoying to me, but apparently I missed one. My mistake there.

I'm going to fix it and update it on https://secondtalon.itch.io/fandf . I won't update it here until the contest is over.
Giving 5*s just for the start of this and the transition to black and white to color & the hilarious dialog!! brilliant!! Haven't had a battle yet but seems really good so far, I also love the idea of some of these elements like plastic! Really creative..
Battles are most certainly my weakest point here.