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Fun Vision Park Board Game (MinisterJay Campaign Edition) [PC]

Fun Vision Park Board Game (MinisterJay Campaign Edition) [PC] 2016-02-14

No permission to download
The community want a new park. They want the Fun Vision Park. Unfortunately, the Killjoy Gang Boss, and his minions, want otherwise. Come join MJ, as he searches for fun gems and also fulfills quests to get Funshroom and VisionBird to assist him. Can he even persuade some of the Killjoy Gang Members to change their minds, and become his friends?

Play Fun Vision Park, on a Game Board like presentation, to find out how.





Being from the marshlands and swamps of Southern Louisiana, I just love alligators (especially in a variety of dishes). So do not be surprised if you see a couple different versions of them.

Plugins by eivl and zeon.
Battlers by Thalzon
Museum Artwork by MinisterJay

(This an other fun games, made specifically for this forum has been brought to you by the Elect MinisterJay Campaign.)
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5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Really enjoyed this game. It's a board game, made with RPG Maker, very creative. Part of the appeal was my total lack of understanding what was what in the shop and just barely making it through the game.