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Lost T' Jacques [Windows and Browser]

Lost T' Jacques [Windows and Browser] 2017-09-23

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Click HERE for Browser version.

Imagine being in the shoes of T' Jacques, as he encounters the unchartered lands of future Acadiana in southern Louisiana. We wakes up to find that his family is no where near, it is dark, raining, and he can barely see, with the moon giving him little light.

He must find his family. It is your job to help him.

Lost T' Jacques is a short historical fiction game that intends to introduce this new character to the gaming industry. It will be the first segment of a continuing adventure. Even though the characters are all Cajun French, the game is written in English.

I am MinisterJay, and I was raised in the same area that this game was based on. I lived in Breaux Bridge (Pont Breaux) which is not too far from where this story occurs. I also at one time lived on east bank of Bayou Teche, which is the body of water where this story happens. My mom is of Cajun French heritage, and she had to learn English in school. Her father spoke very little English at all. I hope this game has educated you a little bit about the Cajun history of Louisiana.





Image Credits:

Starbird Enterprises
Tyler Warren

Plugin and Scripting Credits:

LTN Games

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