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LTN Core

MV 1.3 LTN Core 1.3..0

No permission to download
LTN Core
The current version is still in Beta and does not contain all the functionality intended for the official release. It will be updated over the next month with more bug fixes, more options, and extended functionality. Please keep it up to date if you plan on using this Core plugin or any of LTN Game's plugins.

DISCONTINUED All plugins will be rewritten and open sourced. http://fenixenginemv.gitlab.io/

What does this plugin do?
The current version contains useful options for any game developer and many useful functions for any plugin developer. It is required for all plugin by me LTNGames.

This core plugin contains common and useful functions for plugin development. It also extends the functionality of RPG Maker MV by providing bug fixes and debug options.

Screen Options:
  • Change your game resolution
  • Start the game in fullscreen
  • Force renderer to canvas or WebGL
  • Re-scale background for large resolutions.
  • Re position battlers for large resolutions.
Screenshot Options:
Only works locally via desktop.
  • Choose a key to take a screenshot
  • Choose the path to download the screenshot
  • choose the image quality
Debug Options:
  • Skip Title
  • Console on boot
  • Show FPS on boot
Adjusted all bitmaps to be drawn to avoid floating point coordinates for better performance when drawing bitmaps.
According to this article http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/canvas/performance/

Bug Fixes:
Vehicle BGM fix

Stay tuned for more updates!

Terms Of Use

Free for use in both non-commercial and commercial products
Please credit me LTN Games if you plan to use this in your product
You may edit this plugin however you like for any of your products
X You cannot share this plugin elsewhere unless given permission by me
even if it's an edited version.
X You cannot claim this plugin as your own.

P.S There are some function included in this plugin that you may use in any of your plugins and share them.
if you would like to know what they are please contact me in a PM or email me at LTNGamesDevelopment@gmail.com

Most of the plugins I write are free to use commercially, and I put a lot of
hours into the development of my plugins, If you like my work and want to see more of it in the future, I ask that you consider offering a donation.

If you do wish to provide your support, you can do so by sending your contribution via PayPal to: LTNGamesDevelopment@gmail.com
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LTN Games
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Latest updates

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    Link now points to website hosting all plugins
  2. Small update

    Just a small update, required for new and updated plugins by me.
  3. Bug fixes and added features

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Latest reviews

Downlaod doesnt commence
LTN Games
LTN Games
The link is in the description but here is a direct link to all old plugins made by me.
Rlly awesome! All that functions were working correctly.
Thanks for the update it works nicely.
This is one of the many things I wanted for my project.
I LOVE this, because it allows you to force render as WebGL =D!
LTN Games
LTN Games
Yea, I always thought that should have been an option in MV as some projects you know won't require canvas and sometimes won't require webGl. and although MV automatically handles this option I figured an override option would be useful. Glad you like my core, what until you see what I have planned for future versions.
Awesome! This is helping me so much as an developer!
LTN Games
LTN Games
I'm glad you find it useful, future version will be much more useful.
Amazing core plugin, looking forward to seeing what all you can do with this!
*cracks knuckles* Now that I've downloaded it, it's time to use and abuse it >:3

Awesome core LTN! Thanks :D <3