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Minimap Addon: AutoHide Addon

MV 1.3 Minimap Addon: AutoHide Addon 1.3

No permission to download
This plugin will require at least version 2.1 of the Minimap Pro plugin, found here.

This addon makes it so that the minimap hides its self while moving, and after sitting still for a set number of frames, it reveals its self.

There is also a new plugin command, mmToggleHide, which will toggle rather or not the minimap is hidden or revealed during events.
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Latest updates

  1. Major bug fix

    If you're using my other plugins, you'll need to update them as well. I had to do a major patch...
  2. Removed console log

    forgot to remove a console log lol O:
  3. Added auto-hide during dialog ability

    Special thanks to Crabs :D Being set through params, this allows you to auto-hide the minimap...