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Modern HUD - Rainbow Wing

MV 1.3 Modern HUD - Rainbow Wing 2017-05-13

No permission to download
This HUD was made and tested for SumRndmDde plugin HUD.

It's a really easy plugin to use, you literally just kinda drag and drop your pictures and there is a serie of tutorials that will explain everything to you (link below).

And the most important, you can use these HUD in battle too!!

--- Content of Zip ---
- Psd file (Photoshop)
- PNJs files

--- How to install ---

Drop the file SumRndmDde in > project folder > img file

You will need 2 plugins
- Tool kit: http://sumrndm.site/super-tools-engine/
- HUD Maker: http://sumrndm.site/hud-maker/

--- How to use ---
Please follow these tutorials (contains 5):

--- Term of use ---
Commercial : no
None commercial: yes

--- Credits ---

- Degica
- naderbellal (shape and textures): http://naderbellal.deviantart.com/

--- FAQ ---

Q: Why the numbers or name are pixelated?
The plugin has trouble bending them correctly.
Please ask directly the plugin author if you want any technical fix like that. I can't do anything.

Q: Can I ask you to change something?
I will only accept to change the colors but please provide an example.

--- Downloads ---

Pack 1 (faceset not provided because paid DLC): Rainbow wings
In game preview
First release
Last update
0.00 star(s) 0 ratings

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