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RPG Maker MV Mini-Map Plugin

MV 1.3 RPG Maker MV Mini-Map Plugin 2.3.2

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If you're using my other plugins, you'll need to update them as well. I had to do a major patch...
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Patched the way the border is drawn, it should look a lot better now. Also enabled something for future use.
I've added the version you're using to the description of the plugin, that way you can quickly and easily check if you have the version required for a plugin.
Something needed for future addons. Go ahead and update it to 2.2
So I've made it possible to install Addons to the minimap! =D I'll be making multiple addons as time goes on. You will need this update for the addons to work. Basically, they'll be like mini-plugins designed specifically for the minimap.
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Hi there, everybody! I've now updated the minimap to a much greater version. This version allows the player to completely customize the looks and feel of the minimap.


There are several new things as well! Now, you can completely stop an event from displaying by turning on a switch. More info in video or in help file!

You are also no longer required to use UPP_Core.
This version was completely re-coded and will require upp_core which you can get by clicking here.

  1. Minimap name location automatically adjusts its self based on the location of the minimap.
  2. Automatic outline for passable tiles!
  3. Much faster rendering
  4. Maps are hidden by default, and unlockable via plugin command and will stay unlocked on that save file.
  5. Icon Drawing! You're able to draw icons on the minimap now, as well as make them float..
  6. Region data is now set via notetags in map properties.




How to use:
There are several things you can do with this minimap plugin.

Edge Bump - Edge bumping will happen if the minimap goes off screen. It'll fix its location so that its not off screen, plus push its self a bit further based on what you set edge bump to be. Use this if you want to have your minimap anywhere but the top left.

Map Properties Notetags:
<addMinimap: size> where size is how large you want the minimap to be. this command is important to getting your minimap to display.

<mmLocName:Area Name> will display the area name.

<region*id*Color:color> where *id* is the region id you want to have as a specific color displayed on the minimap. Leave blank for none. Colors: rgb(r, g, b), rgba(r, g, b, a), or hex colors will work.

<unlockMap:true> will force unlock the map upon load. By default, the minimap is hidden.

Event Notetags:

<mmIcon:iconName> - iconName should be replaced with the name of a picture in your pictures folder. It'll display that picture in the location of the event.

<mmShow:true> - this is needed to actually show the event on the minimap.

<floatSpeed:0.02> - replace 0.02 with how fast you want the icon to float on the minimap.

<floatPower:2> - Replace 2 with how far you want the icon to float.

<mmColor:Color> - replace Color with rgb(r,g,b), rgba(r,g,b,a), or a hex color. Example: <mColor:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5)>


hideMinimap true/false will show or hide the minimap (rather its unlocked or not.)

changeIcon eventId pictureFile where eventId is the event icon you want to change, and pictureFile is the file in the pictures folder you want to use. Example: changeIcon 1 testIcon Note: I can't seem to save this information to the games save file, because it says stack too deep. I'll try to find a way around this later O:

unlockMap true/false will unlock the map for that area. This gets saved to the games save file so you only have to do it once.

hideMinimapName true/false will determine if the minimap name is hidden or not.

--Free icons (put in picture folder)

Zip: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0BQK1ikmkf4VFljbEtUQ044OFE/view?usp=sharing


Available for free use, both commercially and non-commercially. Donations are appreciated <3

Credit goes to William Ramsey (or William TheUnproPro)
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Fixed a bug that hid the minimap after battle if you start hidden and reveal the map later.
Hey everyone! Thanks for watching this plugin. I'f finally released an amazing update! Here's the new features.

  1. Events can now be displayed on the minimap
  2. Aspect ratio and stretching issues have been fixed
  3. Option to use the default Collision Mapping, so no region drawing is required.
  4. Beacons can now be added to an event, making the event create a circle that expands on the minimap, see this video for more.
  5. Region Drawing is still a thing! use it in combination with the collision map drawing.
  6. There is now an optional map display name which is completely customizable.
  7. rgba color modes now supported.
  8. Option to give a border around the minimap for decoration. Uses the window border
  9. Pressing Q (can be configured) will expand and shrink the minimap.
  10. Option to draw player and events as circles.