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Sliq the Slime Hunter [Browser and Windows]

Sliq the Slime Hunter [Browser and Windows] 2017-09-22

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Come join Sliq, as he ventures to be the best slime hunter around. What challenges with this ice elf face? How will he overcome them? There is only one way to find out...


This game was specifically made for RPG Biz's RPG Maker Game Jam. The entire game was made with the original files that come with RPG Maker MV. There are no custom resources, DLC, nor edited resources.

You can control Sliq's movement by using the arrow keys or by using a mouse. NOTE: Sliq is not a magic user, so there is no need to select the Magic option, in battle.

To play the downloaded file, first unzip it, then open the folder, then double click on the game application icon.

Game Jam Link: https://itch.io/jam/rpg-bizs-rpg-maker-game-jam


If any desire a Mac version, please let me know, and I will upload it.
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