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Title Screen Add-On Plugin

MV 1.3 Title Screen Add-On Plugin 1.7a

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Name: Title Screen Add-On
Version: 1.7
Author: Companion Wulf
Release Versions:
1.7a 15 July 2017
1.7 - 14 January 2017
1.6 - 12 August 2016
1.5 (Private) - 17 April 2016
1.4 - 27 March 2016
1.3 - 11 March 2016
1.2 - 22 November 2016
1.1 - 15 November 2016
1.0 (Private/Beta) - 29 October 2015

Notice: This plugin has had a complete overhaul for the QEngine Core plugin. Although I'll no longer actively update it, this version will remain available as a separate plugin.

Thank you all for the comments/reviews. I appreciate them all, even if I don't reply to all of them! (smile)

NOTICE: I changed the way I update versions, so the latest version is now officially 1.7 (it would be 2.6 with the old system, but this system is now redundant so will no longer be used or referenced).

This plugin has been updated for MV v1.3, with a number of new features available. However, the current version should still work with MV v1.2, at least until the next major update.

This plugin adds a number of features to the Title Screen:
  • Pretitle Movie - Plays a movie before the Title Screen.
  • Title Header & Footer - Displays text above and below the main game title.
  • Menu Position Offset - Change the menu position (x- and y-offsets) on the screen.
  • Scrolling Borders - Animated horizontal and vertical border (or other) images. Temporarily removed.
  • Weather Effects - Use a weather effect (Rain, Storm, Snow, Ash and Blood) for an added dimension, including weather sounds.
  • Website Command - Adds a command to visit a website (opens in a new window or browser tab).
  • Exit Command - Adds a command option to exit the game from the Title Screen.


New Version:

Old Version:


This video is from an older version of the plugin.

All options can be tweaked to your preferences in the Plugin Manager. The rest is straightforward. I've tried to make the Help section as comprehensive as possible as well.

Although the Title Screen Add-On plugin is fully functional, there are still a few kinks to iron out.
  • Premature BGM/BGS - Occasionally, the Title Screen's BGM/BGS will play midway through the pretitle movie. This is due to the way RMMV preloads and caches things.

Click the link above, then click on "Raw". Right-click "Save As" or press CTRL+S to save it into your project's plugin folder. Save it as CW_TitleScreenAddon.js.

You are free to use this in non-commercial projects, but please refer to the official Terms of Use for other details, including commercial use. (The Terms of Use will be changed soon for commercial use.)

Credit "Companion Wulf" or "RPG Maker Times" if using this plugin in your projects.

For anyone who's interested:

This was actually the first plugin I wrote for RMMV. It started its life as just the pretitle movie, where I wanted to show a video with my logo before the main Title Screen.

I started adding things to it and the Title Screen Add-On was born. From that point, I started developing it exclusively for The Adventures of Tryggr, but chose to release it instead.

**It was pointed out that using a custom font (via the Plugin Manager) fails because of the way the game font is (pre)loaded. There has been a resolution for this to use the actual font used for the title/subtitles.

NOTICE: This has been fixed in the newest, unreleased, private beta version, which is integrating with my new QEngine Core plugin.
Companion Wulf
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest reviews

Just what I needed! Great job!!
Fantastic! EXACTLY what I've been waiting for since I make my first game in RM95!
Looking forward to using this! Thanks!
Very good, something that has become very essential over the years with RPG games.
Companion Wulf
Companion Wulf
Thanks and I agree. While this was going to be game-exclusive for "Adventures of Tryggr", I released it for just this reason.