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MV 1.3 Two Guild Job Board Doodads 2016-12-06

No permission to download
So my game needed a job board for it's guilds lol, so I went and made this quick little combination of custom and RTP tiles to make what looks like a job board with a bunch of tasks on it. Figured some of you may find use for it too.

It's in doodad format so all you'd have to do is extract and drop it in a doodad folder in your project (if you're using Grid Free Doodads plugin). It can also be dragged into an existing tileset if you're not using that plugin. The board extends 2 tiles wide and 1 high, so it should fit in most places.

Map Job Board.png Note Job Board.png
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Please make More Guild Stuff!
Sure, I'll see what other fun stuff I can think of once I finish my current commissions. xD If you have ideas feel free to let me know and I'll see if I can make them.
Really good looking :D
Thanks! I may end up making more variations with other guild stuff as well depending on how well this one is liked.