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Willistoria 2016-06-05

No permission to download
After many months of slogging, I finally present to you my masterpiece...


Download the game here:
Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxia7etbs9th498/Willistoria.zip?dl=0

Manual Patch:
Patch mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxia7etbs9th498/Willistoria.zip?dl=0


Monsters have always been at odds against humans. The existence of the Monster Dimension was a forbidden dimension filled with vile monster energies. Monster energies strengthen the monsters on Earth, making them more aggressive and tougher to manage.

It was sealed away in the past millennium. Humans then did what they could to secure their existence against monsters on Earth to date. Humans hunt monsters for food and materials, while monsters still prey on humans.

A global defense force, known as the Imperial, was formed to protect the world and provide assistance in times of need, and to keep monsters under control. And thus, humans try to strike a delicate balance in this natural ecosystem against monsters, while working hard on their own lives...


This game has a free, open scenario. You basically explore the world and do whatever quests you want. It's your own journey!

Estimated gameplay time: 8-15 hours

You will choose from 4 starting characters at the start. Note that this character will be your main character throughout the game and you will not be able to change him or her. He or she will have his or her own storyline on top your journey. For starters, I would recommend choosing Eldred as his early gameplay is a little more guided. If you want to push yourself, choose Lazarus. The 4 starting characters have very different characteristics. The description in-game gives you a rough idea. You will also be able recruit (and expel) other characters as you play the game.

If you want to know more about the in-game basics, talk to the informant. You can find him at any pub in any major town. He is dressed in mafia black and is the only non-playable character who wears sunglasses in the whole game. Similarly, whenever you are lost, just talk to the informant. He will lead you through the major storylines of your main character if your main character is strong enough.

Lastly, always talk to people in town. That's how you find out information and trigger quests as your journey! Save your game frequently. You never know when you may get stuck or wiped out. If you complete the game, you are welcome to try out other starting characters. Take on the Cardinal Sentinels as a challenge! Have fun!


We love screenshots, don't we! The last image is the World Map.
Willistoria Screenshot 1.jpg

Willistoria Screenshot 2.jpg

Willistoria Screenshot 3.jpg

Willistoria Screenshot 4.jpg

Willistoria Screenshot 5.jpg

Willistoria Screenshot 6.jpg

Willistoria World Map.png




List of Plugins from Yanfly:
• Absorption Barrier
• Action Sequence Pack
• Animated SV Enemies
• Auto Passive States
• Battle AI Core
• Battle Engine
• Base Troop Events
• Critical Control
• Credits Page
• Event Chase Player
• Hit Accuracy
• Life Steal
• Party System
• Region Battlebacks
• Region Events
• Region Restrictions
• Skill Core
• Slippery Tiles
• Stop Map Movement
• Visual HP Gauge

Other plugins that made this game possible:

Plugins from Hime:
• Change Battleback
• End Phase Triggers
• Placeholder Message Faces
• Actor Battle Commands
• Actor EXP Table

Orange Circular Json:
• Hudell

Orange Region Collisions:
• Hudell

Terrax Lighting:
• Terrax

Skill Shop:
• Yami

SRD SV Overlay:
• SumRndmDde

Pentaslash Animation:
• Jetan

Basic Swing Motions:

Full Screen:
• Christian Schicho

Animate Tiles Options:
• Yanfly

Title Command Exit:
• Atreyo Ray

SV Overlay:
• Orange Collision Terrain

• Yanfly BuffStatesCore, Yanfly StatesCategory

Title Particles:
• Moghunter

• Magellan Battler Graphics
• Film Motion Sun Rays Beams
• _Marion from Pixabay for Title Background

Monster Sprites
• thalzon (plant), Avy (jellyfish, reaper), whtdragon (cobra), chalkdust (spider)

Idea Generators:
• Fantasy Name Generators

Death Quotes:
Thomas Browne, Martin Luther King, Jr., Henry Van Dyke, George Eliot, Maya Angelou,
Morrie Schwartz, Robert de Niro, Scott Caan, Gustave Flaubert, Euripides

• Rpg Maker MV from Kadokawa

Credits can be found inside the Readme file, and inside the game as well.

Monster Difficulty Tips "Spoiler"

For new players who are stuck in the early game because monsters are growing too strong or you're not getting enough gold, try to recruit a few more characters, preferably a party of 4 to 5 people before you take on quests. Some characters can be recruited straightaway, namely the starting characters and Cassara. You can expel them later on via the pubs.

Regular monsters grow stronger every 5 levels of your main character. Quest bosses grow at every 10 levels of your main character and the difficulty grows by quite a vast amount. If you're training up your characters for the boss, try not to let your main character go past level 10, 20, or 30; otherwise you'd be facing an even tougher boss instead. It will be capped past level 30.


Here is a manual patch so you can update quickly! You can check your current version on the top of the credits page in the main menu. If no version is stated, it means your version is outdated. This is patch 1.1.1.
Manual Patch:

Simply extract the "data", "js" and "bgm" folder inside the patch. Then go to Willistoria \ www folder and replace the "data", "js" and "bgm" folders inside with these new data, js and bgm folders. Select yes when prompted to replace the data, js and bgm files. That's it!

• Fixed enemies from spamming certain hit-all spells within one turn. Getting hit by Grand Slam or Soul Suction 3 times in one turn was not really meant to occur.
• Fixed the glitch where mages in towns allowed you to learn all magic elements. You can only learn one element per character. Also rearranged the spells they sell to make learning more convenient.

• Fixed the Colosseum from glitching if you lose the tournament.
• Fixed the unreachable chest in Tasp Hollows.
• Fixed the "blocked entrance" in Barren Fields.
• Fixed some paths that were accidentally passable.
• Fixed Death Scythe's Dispel, and Bunyip's Sleep targeting themselves.
• Fixed Rubia's scene hanging the game in Heatgulf Volcano.
• Fixed Enemies' Dispel making your characters immortal if they possess Contracted Revival state.
• Fixed Dispel not removing Fortress Armor state.
• Fixed Amelline's Arctic Crash power.
• Increased success rate of escape from battles.
• Vedia Kingdom now sells Stimulant. Make some preparations before you trigger Vedia kingdom's scenario. Quick tip: If you have trouble with Memento Mori's silence (Vedia Kingdom's scenario), get the Imperial Armament first. You need to donate 10k to the beggar kid in Rimecrest and face off a boss to get it. Then equip it on your main healer.
• Added a message hint on switches that "maybe shouldn't be pulled". These switches actually open 2 different rooms depending on whether they are activated and left alone.
• Reduced the number of monsters inside the sewers.
• Corrected Barbariccia's Fortress Armor animation.
• Sea Dragon's gold drop and Gatecrasher Axe drop rate have increased.
• Ember Dynamic's magical evasion has slightly lowered.
• Bomb, Megaton and Holocaust have increased in damage.
• Holy Orders has increased in amount of HP revived.
• Enemies' Dispel and Silence have a slightly lowered success rate.
• Enemies' Soul Suction skill damage is lowered.
• Doom Chord's Doom success rate is slightly increased, while enemies' Doom success rate is slightly decreased.
• Added a small dialogue about learning magic from the mages.

Here are some tips for everyone:
  • Be careful with the mysterious portal quest in Baredale as there is NO RETURN upon entering it. Prepare some items, and maybe get some magic spells, for the boss battle.
  • Read the descriptions of your equipment. Some confer skills that are extremely helpful for boss battles (eg. Dispeller).
  • Some equipment confer resistance to states like instant death. You wouldn't want to put 2 death resistant equipment on the same character. Spread them out among your party so they have a higher chance of survival against monsters and bosses who use Doom.
  • If you want that treasure chest in the Lost Forest, you must explore it BEFORE dispelling the abnormal portals. Is it worth trying your luck on those random portals to get to that chest? Yes. :)
  • Ember Dynamics (Fire Element Magic) grants evasion to magic attacks. Try casting it if you have trouble against bosses that wipe out your team with hit-all magic spells. The same goes for Shadow Fuse (Dark Element Magic) which grants physical evasion.
  • I wonder if anyone actually found the 6th Cardinal Sentinel so far? He has been around since Willistoria was first released. If your level is high enough to meet the Cardinal Sentinels, he will randomly appear in wild areas where there are healing portals. If he doesn't appear the first time, just go out and back in to the place again. Talk to him once, he will disappear. Then keep checking other healing portal places and talk to him two more times. He will eventually ask you to meet somewhere...

• Fixed the bug in Eldred's second quest in Swamp Morass. For those who killed the Sentinel of Avarice with Eldred as your main character, some may find the informant telling you to go back Swamp Morass again and end up getting trapped there. You will be able to exit and the informant will act as per normal now. If you haven't enter Swamp Morass again but the informant is still telling you to do so, just go to the world map and it will be debugged. If you are still facing this bug, please let me know!
• Fixed Eldred's escort quest in Erstonia from being repeated.
• Fixed Vedia Kingdom's dungeon where boss event keeps repeating. Added an
extra chest there as well.
• Reduce the spamming of a few enemies' skills.
• Fixed enemies' "Haste" and "Fortress Armor" skill.
• Updated the Readme file.

• Fixed Banished Warblade's "Counter" skill being unusable.
• Fixed Rubia's second story quest in Tanuyna which made the game hang if entered from Colosseum.
• Fixed the expulsion bug for Tanuyna pub.
• Fixed element affinity and vulnerability for Eldred and Fubdar. You can purchase magic spells of the correct element for them now.
• Added an option to skip the introduction and jump straight to character selection page.
• Made a step clearer for Eldred's quest in Swamp Morass. Slightly modified map of Cardinal Sentinel of Avarice to prevent Eldred getting stuck.

• Fixed the requirement descriptions for dark magic spells.
• Added the patch version in the credits, currently v1.0.7. You can now check whether you're using the latest version by checking the top of the credits page! If no version is stated, it means your version is outdated.
• Fixed enemies' Hell Claw animation.
• Fixed Cardinal Sentinel of Ignorance's skill "Sleep".
• Fixed Ice Cave slippery tiles. You can exit from the ladder platform properly now.
• Fixed Lazarus' Specialist skill and its description. It actually affects only the HP and MP recovery effects of items utilized by Lazrus, but does not apply to reviving. This effect is now tripled instead of doubled.
• Fixed some magic skills to deal proper magic damage. Also, casting Ember Dynamics on an ally will not cause buffs to miss on that ally anymore. Weapon skills also correctly appears in skills section now.
• Fixed the notice board and pathing issue inside the volcano.
• Made descriptions of some skills and armors clearer.
• Fixed battle bgm not returning to normal from one of the Cardinal Sentinel battles.
• Changed final battle bgm.

• After much consideration and feedback, especially from players who made it late game and even completed it, I have decided to revert back to the old EXP requirements and gold drop rates (before patch 1.0.4). Gold drop rate is still higher than the old system. Here's a tip for new players who get stuck in the early game because monsters are growing too strong or you're not getting enough gold. Try to recruit a few more characters, preferably a party of 4 to 5 people before you take on quests.
• Fixed Dandy's Hell Claw from repeating damage.
• Fixed the Ice Cave slippery tiles puzzle. You can now enter that ladder to the next map properly. It's a very important place indeed.
• Fixed that unknown monster hanging in the Barren Fields.

• Added the option to disable animated tiles if you are lagging. Go to the game menu options to disable/re-enable it. You can also find options on the main menu.
• Fixed regular monsters using Silence on themselves.
• Fixed some of the pathing issues in Swamp Morass and the exit inside its dungeon.
• Fixed Gargoyle's skill Poison Fog.
• Fixed Kandyl's Holy Strike Skill. It deals HP damage properly now.
• Added back the feature to dash by default, similarly found in menu options. If you enable "always dash", you will be

dashing by default, in which you will hold down "shift" to walk instead.

• EXP requirements for characters have been raised to solve the issue of monsters outgrowing your characters, while regular monster gold rate has been increased. Please note that your current characters will drop a couple of levels after the first battle to make up for the new additional EXP requirements. It will stabilize after the first battle. This allows you ample time to get enough gold to upgrade your characters before monsters grow stronger. EXP requirements will still stagnate at high levels once monsters stop growing. =)
• Skills that work on probability, such as Sleep and Silence, have increased probabilities now.
• Fixed Eldred's escorting Maria quest from triggering wrongly.
• Fixed character disappearing inside the dungeon in Swamp Morass. Brightened up that dungeon as well.
• Fixed some character skills from randomly inflicting charm status.

• Fixed the issue of getting transported back to Oakenfort. Note that you will go through that bugged boat scene one more time, and then things will become normal!
• Saving game is now allowed inside the traps dungeon found in Swamp Morass. Getting hit by a trap will now send you back to the most recent checkpoint rather than starting point.

• Readme file has been updated.
• Previously, if you press "X" or the "cancel" button when expelling someone, it will end up expelling the person in the second choice instead of cancelling. This has been fixed.
• Fixed assassination quest in Sunmire not letting you leave the town after quest is completed. Brightened up Rimecrest sewers a bit.
• Fixed Death skill provided by a Doom Chord bow. It now utilizes TP instead of MP. Also renamed as Doom.
• Fixed informant mentioning Eldred's final storyline quest wrongly.

• Fixed main characters from being able to swap formation or expel from party. Main character is now locked at the start of the game.
• Fixed water heal from healing enemies instead.
• Increased gold drop rate from regular monsters.

Play Now!

Download the game here:
Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxia7etbs9th498/Willistoria.zip?dl=0

Manual Patch:
Patch mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxia7etbs9th498/Willistoria.zip?dl=0

Once you have downloaded the file, simply unzip the folder, click on the game.exe inside and you should be able to start the game. You are recommended to read through the Readme for some beginner tips! Control keys can also be found inside Readme file.

PS: Although my game is completed, there may be bugs that I missed out. Please report them to me and I will fix them ASAP. Thanks!
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