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  1. Lightcycler

    Name one thing that you added to your MV Project today

    It had a few issues such as ambition overreach, maps and characters taken directly from DLC (which is fine on its own, I just feel the need to draw my own characters), open world problems, and I got rather overwhelmed by working on it. Not to worry, I'll probably pick it back up, though! Just...
  2. Lightcycler

    What did you add to your project today?

    Collision Mapping with QMovement. Messed around with stealth sections yesterday.
  3. Lightcycler

    Name one thing that you added to your MV Project today

    I, uh, stopped work on my last project due to lack of support/interest. And now I'm working on a top-secret project. Currently adding stealth and maps.
  4. Lightcycler

    Passibility on tiles that are half-transparent

    Thank you! Best movement plugin I've used thus far, and the collision mapping I'm going to have a lot of fun with. Already did a custom map just for the parlor. Feels much more realistic.
  5. Lightcycler

    Passibility on tiles that are half-transparent

    Having issues with tilesets... I'm running into problems trying to make it so that the player can brush up against objects such as this piano ^^ from the side. The player cannot get any closer to the piano than the length of a tile away (shown above, that's the closest they can get). Is...
  6. Lightcycler

    Le Renard [The Fox]: [In Dev]

    . . . My updates are getting marked as spam. Anyway. Here's the new link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/alvv5olcash6hh2/Le%20Renard.zip?dl=0
  7. Lightcycler

    Le Renard [The Fox]: [In Dev]

    UPDATED LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x1xrcesldh72rka/Le%20Renard.zip?dl=0
  8. Lightcycler

    First Game, need feedback and critique

    Personally, before I click on a link someone has posted in their thread, I'd like a bit more to go on (pictures, a demo video, or even the demo posted here). I would like to know more about your game, but from the information listed here, I'm not quite sure what your game is about.
  9. Lightcycler

    Type One 2018 Exciting Update!

    I really like the unique feel of this game. The art style is nice and I think this game has real potential. The battles do feel a bit slow-paced to me, (though I'm biased toward fast battle styles), and I noticed the UES Kalleigh has a slight jumping victory animation :3 Overall, subscribed to...
  10. Lightcycler

    Le Renard [The Fox]: [In Dev]

    ==UPDATE== I know it's been a while, but I'm taking a hiatus from this project. Life and writer/developer's block keep getting in the way. That being said, I have decided to upload an early demo of the game. As it is a pre-beta game, it's far from finished, but I do appreciate any feedback...
  11. Lightcycler

    Le Renard [The Fox]: [In Dev]

    Thanks! I've added in an intro, a bit of story so far, and a music menu. 08/12/17 -More than 50% done with the story! -Act 2 is well underway! -Credits background has been completed! -Combat is more balanced! 08/14/17 -Added Minimap functionality! -Improved Moghunter's Fast Travel...
  12. Lightcycler

    Name one thing that you added to your MV Project today

    Haha, no, actually I got it from a VX Ace pack here: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/a/graphics/fantasy-hero-character-pack And I edited the second one to look more vigilante-like. Just added two new boss fights! Oh, and now you can legally become a werewolf....
  13. Lightcycler

    Name one thing that you added to your MV Project today

    Yesterday (and a few days earlier, as well) I: -finished a happy/contemplative scene -rerouted one section of Act 2, which leads into a more flowing area... literally. -included character development
  14. Lightcycler

    Working on Le Renard!

    Working on Le Renard!
  15. Lightcycler

    The Sacred Blade Chronicles (Whatcha think so far?)

    Your ideas are very intriguing! It sounds like you're on the right track with your plot ideas (and by the way, welcome to the community!) I'm curious as to how each character would look. Their personalities almost convey an image in themselves. I was a bit confused with Sasha being a guy...
  16. Lightcycler

    Copper Angels: Exodus Operation

    Sounds like a good backstory and plan.
  17. Lightcycler

    Copper Angels: Exodus Operation

    Looking great, I especially like the maps and the consequences for looting mechanic. I'm curious, what is the backstory of the game?
  18. Lightcycler

    Getting back into RPG Maker

    Sounds like a good way to get back into the program.(thumbsup) I like the rediscovery of modern inventions idea.
  19. Lightcycler

    Le Renard [The Fox]: [In Dev]

    =UPDATE= I've been having trouble with Moghunter's LMBS system so far, so I won't be able to implement it until this gets resolved... I've seen one other post on another forum about it, but it never was resolved. So I might have to use a different battle system. On the bright side, progress is...
  20. Lightcycler

    Male and Female Lead Characters

    I think that, if you were to put a choice in the game, it would be beneficial if the choice influenced gameplay (such as stats, equipment, play style etc) and/or story-wise (either character has a somewhat different personality, choices, or even story path. Also, gender could influence what...