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  1. Caesar Harris

    Name one thing that you added to your MV Project today

    Did you draw that portrait? Or splice portraits from previous RPGM Games? Cause damn, that is one bootyful portrait! I recently added a new character, with spliced armor from a graphics pack...
  2. Caesar Harris

    Can you edit plugins?

    So far, all I've got is that you can't dissasemble the software, which wouldn't necessarily mean a plugin, rather how the plugin is implented and the actual base code. So, I think it's pretty safe to edit and change a plugin, but you'd have to give credit as default. I look around the interwebs...
  3. Caesar Harris


    No prob bob. I'm pretty excited on the down low. I'll keep you all updated. Ciao for now.
  4. Caesar Harris

    Make 8-Bit Music

    Also, for those out there who want something a bit simpler, you can always try http://www.pulseboy.com which is pretty easy to use and user friendly.
  5. Caesar Harris

    Make 8-Bit Music

    Just in case you're not aware, I'll point out there is this website which is reliable and spam-free that converts pretty much audio files to .ogg. I use it all the time and it's really simple: https://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-ogg Here is the main site too, in which it converts any...
  6. Caesar Harris

    Game Idea Generators!

    Well, often times life is the best inspiration. I know we all (or most of us) like to stay in our cozy dens sipping hot chocolate and listening to soft EDM tracks and pixel art away, but to be frank, I've found most of my story ideas in random moments in day to day life. When I'm out and...
  7. Caesar Harris

    Personality Test Demo

    Caesar Harris submitted a new resource: Personality Test Demo - Tests 18 answers and comes up with a race. Read more about this resource...
  8. Caesar Harris

    Personality Test Demo 2017-09-21

    Hey guys. I'm currently in the process of developing a game and I want some QA testers to help me with a Personality Test Demo. It's pretty BETA, just 18 short and sweet questions to determine a race. But I need to fine tune it. So, anyone who wants to help, I'd be glad to put you in the credits...
  9. Caesar Harris


    Hey Moderator, nice to see you're involved and attentive. I'll be around. Thanks.
  10. Caesar Harris

    Tri-Weekly Detective Series: Detective Jr. ?

    I'm an avid fan of the 'Case Closed'/'Detective Conan' anime series and I was wondering if, while I put my current bigger project, https://rpgmakermv.co/threads/the-sacred-blade-chronicles-in-dev.7788/, on break for a breather, anyone would be interested in a tri-weekly release of a game series...
  11. Caesar Harris


    Let's go, my fuzzy little German friend!
  12. Caesar Harris

    The Sacred Blade Chronicles (In Dev.)

    Hey guys, just wanted to show you what I'm working on right now, which will be finished in around two months tops, maybe three. Mapping is the main reason why and I have a huge world to fill with many different sizes and decor. Anyways, most of this is standard RTP in graphics but the combat is...
  13. Caesar Harris

    What's your favorite RPG?

    I really liked King's Field IV, back when bad video games were the shizz because of this new genre of technology known as home video entertainment back then. I loved everything about the soundtrack, the premise was super creepy and a horror-lovers' paradise, even if the entire storyline wasn't...
  14. Caesar Harris

    Artist Wanted Desparately

    I can't really help you with art, as I'm a mere amateur at best, but this whole idea sounds like it could be something very interesting, fun and metaphysical. I like the idea of presenting the star of our tale enemies that symbolize the mythos of feeling, the stages of grief as an actual...
  15. Caesar Harris

    Voice Acting Samples

    I may not get any hits on this, but it's worth a shot, and worth putting out a 'fish-line' out on the forum. I was wondering if someone was of the mind to make/record some generic male and female voice samples for things like shop transactions, battle grunts, and "hmmm"s like in the Fire Emblem...
  16. Caesar Harris

    Mercantile RPG Idea

    Sounds pretty cool. Coding would half of the battle though, and I don't know if you're a coder. If you want to make an economy-based RPG Maker Game, it would just require a lot of scripting, event know-how, and a lot of work to put in variables and outcomes and other things like that. It's not...
  17. Caesar Harris

    Ask Sugar Something

    Hey Suga'. How ya doin'? Ya working on anything RPG Maker related ATM? And do you happen to have any web comics out? Also, have you seen Game of Thrones? or have you seen Game of Thrones?
  18. Caesar Harris


    A lot of people are probably back to school, with less time to be on here. Could also just be a dead couple of months. Mayasaurus is currently in the middle of making a Mystery Game. Seems like everyone may be busy and in the middle of development season. I'm sure we'll get a new contest soon...
  19. Caesar Harris


    I'm a writer! Amateur to be modest&honest, but I have my moments, and I'd love to pro bono this game with you! I like this fresh idea of setting a high fantasy/vengeance story in modern times. I have some thoughts and ideas if you'd take them, but email me for more info at "ch793238@gmail.com"...
  20. Caesar Harris

    The Sacred Blade Chronicles (Whatcha think so far?)

    Sasha and Gale were always unique characters to me from the beginning. To me they always took on a special appearance, and as leaders of the Raptors Guild take on a look of their own, distinct from most other contract killers or sellswords. I will upload pictures shortly in an edited post, under...