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  1. Lightcycler

    Passibility on tiles that are half-transparent

    Having issues with tilesets... I'm running into problems trying to make it so that the player can brush up against objects such as this piano ^^ from the side. The player cannot get any closer to the piano than the length of a tile away (shown above, that's the closest they can get). Is...
  2. Lightcycler

    Le Renard [The Fox]: [In Dev]

    = Plot = 25 years ago, the noble king of Caecenia was usurped by a rebel force within his own land. The chief usurpers, named the Seven, have broken up the kingdom. Their regions are named for the color of their banners. Life since then has been chiefly peaceful. This peace, however, is an...
  3. Lightcycler

    Hey, I'm new on the forums.

    I've been using RPGMaker MV on Steam a lot, but have so often neglected to come here for inspiration. No more! Anyway, I'm Lightcycler. I've started and abandoned around 5 games so far, and I realize keeping them to myself is part of the reason. So, with that in mind, I'm going to start posting...