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  1. Troctzul

    Looking for Serious Co-Designer

    Must have Steam account for workshop access. MV Preferred, but can work with VXA too Be willing to commit several hours a week on development Understand advanced concepts of RPGMaker, but I am willing to train the right person Should be comfortable with streaming and maintaining a professional...
  2. Troctzul

    Guelstie Project SE Pack 1

    Troctzul submitted a new resource: Guelstie Project SE Pack 1 - 13 Unique SE for your RPG Maker MV project Read more about this resource...
  3. Troctzul

    Greetings All!

    I go by the handle Troctzul on Reddit and various other social media. I recently stumbled upon this site and am looking forward to spending more time posting! I have been working on an MV game called Tamria: I have also worked on a action script and demo for VX Ace: Overall I have been...