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  1. Kurito14

    What are different societal creature races in your fantasy game?

    Hello, everyone and I hope you well. I would like to know the types of creatures in your world in general? The races where they have a society can communicate and have a community, not live base on instinct. Thank you for your input. -Dwarves -Vampires‎ -Elves -Giants -Goblins -humans -Orcs...
  2. Kurito14

    In your game, do the people in your world believe in or have an afterlife?

    Hello Everyone and I hope you all are safe and well. Do you have heaven, nothingness, and hell in your game world? If so what are there such as angles, devil, ghosts? Thank you for your time.
  3. Kurito14

    How do you approach tutorials in your game?

    Hello everyone. How much is too much to guiding the players thought the game system and mechanics in the general sense? How do you introduce the control keys in the players or you think expect players to know? Another way to introduce the information to the player; you could put everything on...
  4. Kurito14

    Still Clarification can expand into subcategories

    Thank you @Xilefian, I just expand more on the reorder: https://rpgmakermv.co/threads/re-order-re-name-categories-for-clarification.6165/ First: Completed Resources Although inside it has sorted "CATEGORIES" I suggest creating subcategories. Like here: Completed Resources ---->[MV, Ace, XP...
  5. Kurito14

    Hello RPG maker and Everyone

    Hello everyone. My name is Kurito14. I hope to meet new people and learn more about them. I am still learning about RPG maker mv. I hope to one day I can code javascript, can draw well on a computer. I hope to learn more skills on this website.