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  1. MinisterJay

    I am Back

    Hi everyone. I know it's been a long time. I am back at being a special education teacher. I am still ministering. Looks like I am back.
  2. MinisterJay

    Desiring Second Enemy to Disappear After First One is Defeated

    I am working on a game to help my special education students learn to find the noun in word pairs. The noun is one enemy, and the adjective or verb is the other enemy. I have the non-noun enemy have a 1 for Agility, so that the student gets first "attack". What I desire is that if they choose...
  3. MinisterJay

    RTP Only Game Jam

    Yes, it is that time again. Here is the link to jam, and there are currently eight prizes in the pool. https://itch.io/jam/rtp-only-game-jam-rpg-maker
  4. MinisterJay

    Dreamstork Game Jam

    In about a month, Dreamstork Game Jam will begin. This jam is open only to RPG Maker engines. First prize is having the game published on Steam. There are alternative prizes if the winner choices to not take the Steam publishing prize. DREAMSTORK GAME JAM
  5. MinisterJay

    RNG of a Game Theme???

    What is RNG of a game theme? It is a Random Number Generator. I am getting ready to compete in a game jam that focuses primarily using RNGs. that may be fun to make. Imagine making and playing a game that has almost everything randomly decided.
  6. MinisterJay

    Studying to Become a Notary Public

    As some of you know, I am already an ordained minister that can officiate wedding ceremonies. Now I am preparing to become a notary public. I am waiting for my study guide to come in. The test will be on June 2nd. Plenty of time to master the content. I am fifty and I am having fun adding...
  7. MinisterJay

    Non-Traditonal RPG Maker Games

    The purpose of this thread is to show that there are a large variety of game types that RPG Maker can make, not just those traditional RPGs. Please feel free to add additional concepts, as well as game types that you have already made. 1. Board Game Adventures. I made a few games that are...
  8. MinisterJay

    T E M

    Who is TEM? TEM is an ent (treant) that is on an adventure to find out why there is a drastic decrease in the size of various surrounding forest. He is learning different spells, which some may say are closer to those of a druid. The current battle system is the Battle Engine Lotus. I am...
  9. MinisterJay

    Reading More

    The last few weeks I have been doing a lot of reading. I started reading and re-reading some hard cover books. One of my daughters, gave me a Nook for Christmas, and now I am reading even more. Anybody else find themselves reading more?
  10. MinisterJay

    Desire to Not Have Map Centered Upon Mouse Click

    I am working on point and click type of game. The map loops both vertically and horizontally. There are moving objects. When the mouse click misses a passing object, I do NOT desire to have the map centered to where the click was jst made.
  11. MinisterJay


    MinisterJay submitted a new resource: Wispers - Help Wispers, the wisp, find the safe Haven knwon as The Vo Tree. Read more about this resource...
  12. MinisterJay

    Runner Rand

    MinisterJay submitted a new resource: Runner Rand - Runner Rand must run run run to make it to the Lighthouse. Read more about this resource...
  13. MinisterJay

    Having Map, Including Events, Move to the Left

    I have tried different things, including having all events move to the left, and repeat, until contact, but it did not give me the effects I was looking for. I have looked for map plugins, but none were found to address this situation. This is what I am looking for. I am desiring the entire...
  14. MinisterJay

    Fast-Paced BGM Request

    Looking for a fast paced BGM to put with Runner Rand
  15. MinisterJay

    Adding Two Control Variables Together

    I am making a game that has gold used as points. Level 1 is easy, as the points are exactly what the score is, and this is stored as control variable [0001]. After that the gold is zeroed out. At the end of level 2, the new gold is stored as control variable [0002]. I saw something online...
  16. MinisterJay

    Almost $700 in RPG Maker products for $50, AND Other Options

    Crazy Humble Bundle of RPG Maker products. VX Ace, VX Ace Fantasy Starter pack, plus two more for $1 ($190 value). Add VX plus three more for $7 ($336 value). Add 2000, 2003, and two more for $15 ($493 value). Add MV, MV Starter Pack, and a game for $50 ($690 value). Yes, I round up all...
  17. MinisterJay

    Lost T' Jacques [Windows and Browser]

    MinisterJay submitted a new resource: Lost T' Jacques [Windows and Browser] - Help a lost Cajun boy find his family in the raining night. Read more about this resource...
  18. MinisterJay

    Sliq the Slime Hunter [Browser and Windows]

    MinisterJay submitted a new resource: Sliq the Slime Hunter [Browser and Windows] - Come help Sliq become the ultimate slime hunter. Read more about this resource...
  19. MinisterJay

    RPG Maker Game Jam with Prizes

    This Monday, there will be a three week long game jam. Rules: 1. It must be made with an RPG Maker game engine. 2. Only RTP assets can be used. NO non-RTP resources including: images, audio files, plugins, scripts, etc., may be used. If it did not come with the game engine, it cannot be...
  20. MinisterJay

    Less Steps (BROWSER)

    MinisterJay submitted a new resource: Less Steps (BROWSER) - How many steps will it take for you to reach the goal? Read more about this resource...