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  1. sage

    What are your favorite RPG Maker games?

    There are a lot of RPG Maker games out there. Many good ones, and many more bad ones. Which ones are your favorite? Is there something you think that a RM game has to have in order to grab your attention early on? What turns you away from a RM game? What types or genre of RM games are your...
  2. sage

    Sage's Art Shop[Paid]

    I am revamping my commissions because it's summer, and I have some free time. One character: Headshot: $8 Halfbody: $10 (add a background +$8) Fullbody: $15 (add a background +$10) Standalone Background (depends on size and amount of detail) $10 for 4:3 ratio, or thinner. $15 for...
  3. sage

    Defeated in Battle

    Defeat the person above you in battle. Keep it fun. Keep it creative. Example: Sage: "I rush you with a stick." Xyphien: "I grab your stick, snap it in half, and shove it in your eyeballs." Sage: "While you're stabbing my eyeballs, I pull out my trusty backup stick and stab you in the heart."...
  4. sage

    Inktober 2016

    Inktober is an art challenge that involves doing an ink drawing every day during October. All you have to do is get a pen, and draw something. There is an official prompt for each day, but you don't have to follow it. The important part is doing ink drawings. You can find out more about it...
  5. sage

    Ask an Admin

    There seems to be a feeling of lack of communication between some members and the staff (the Admin in particular), so I'm creating and sticky-ing this thread in the hopes of remedying that problem. If there are any things troubling you about the state of the website, this is your chance to talk...
  6. sage

    Battler Pack - 10 Enemies

    sage submitted a new resource: Battler Pack - 10 Enemies - A spritesheet of ten hand-drawn enemy battlers. Includes a slime, bat, dragon, scarecrow, and more! Read more about this resource...
  7. sage

    Does anyone here play any Trading Card Games?

    I'm a moderately big fan of them. Like all of the other kids my age, I grew up on the Pokemon and YuGiOh card games. I used to play them all the time with my friend. When I was a senior in high school, another friend wanted to play YuGiOh just because, so we built decks and kept trying to...
  8. sage

    Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Are you ready? I know I am. The starters: I usually go fire, but that owl is adorable. Which one would you choose?
  9. sage

    Enemies Sage's Battlers

    I'm starting a little project to make some battlers for you guys. I've started the fun by making a slime monster. I heavily encourage suggestions. What foe would you like to see next? Wolves? Rats? Other creatures? Faeries? Monsters? People? Gods? I'd like to know!
  10. sage

    Post Count Dropping Fixed

    It was brought to our attention that some members' post counts were dropping. Thanks to @LTN Games and @MinisterJay for getting to the bottom of it quickly. They found out that members were deleting their old threads, causing all of the posts in them to disappear. This didn't seem right...
  11. sage

    Transparency on the Drama

    Now that most of the drama is over, I think it's time to post the actual facts on what's been going on around here. I'll show you the actual conversations. Then, you all can point out the nasty bits to us, and we can learn from them. --- It all started way back when, in this thread...
  12. sage


    Hello, I'm sage. And I want to run for mod. I've been a member since this place picked up members (@Xyphien wouldn't shut up about it, so I had to join), and I'm good at some things. A vote for sage is a vote for... uh, just vote for me, please. Ask questions below and I may (or may not)...
  13. sage

    Cleanup Part One: Jobs and Services Added

    A few forums have been renamed and/or shuffled around in the beginning of an ongoing attempt to reorganize the forum. More of this will most likely happen in the near future. Two new sections have also been added: Job Offers, and Service Offers The Job Offers forum is for people who are trying...
  14. sage

    Ask sage Something

    I'm @sage, the 'other' admin, maker of the emoticons, forum lurker, and more. If you have any advice, questions, opinions, favorites, etc. I'll answer them.
  15. sage

    The Practice and Criticism Thread

    Post one of your latest drawings/pieces/sketches/sprites/songs/etc. here, and everyone will do their part to give you some decent constructive criticism. The purpose of this thread is to help you improve and get better at art by pointing out your mistakes and things you need to work on. Please...
  16. sage

    Official Skype Group

    A few of our members were hoping for a way to chat with each other more efficiently, so I am creating an official RMMV Forum Skype Group. There are two ways in which you can join the group. The first is by clicking the following link, which should take you to the group...
  17. sage

    New Emoticons!

    We have two brand new sets of custom smileys and emoticons made by yours truly. One set is Red, and the other is Gray. Each set contains 46 smileys, and there are 7 extra non-smiley emoticons, which makes a total of 99 emoticons. They are currently being set up, so they aren't all up yet...
  18. sage

    Rules Suggestions

    This thread is dedicated to adding rules and making amendments to the current Rules of the Forum, allowing everyone to shape the rules to fit the needs of the community. Here, you are free to make any suggestions to the rules that you want and debate them. You can elaborate on preexisting...
  19. sage

    The Rules (Read Before Posting)

    Forum Rules: If you see anyone breaking the rules, please notify an admin or a moderator by tagging one of us in the thread, reporting the post, or sending a private message. 1. No spamming. This includes: * Posting on old threads that can no longer provide any valuable discussion. * Posting...
  20. sage

    Sage's Art

    I've been drawing for most of my years, and I've been doing digital art for about half a decade now. Here are some of my works: More art can be found Right Here. I also started my own webcomic that you can read Here. And finally, some pixel art: