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  1. Mr.Anderson

    Favourite music?

    Hey i didnt find a thread like this sooo here we go. Here you can post your favourite Music. Maybe even tell why you like it this much and how you found it. So letme begin: My favourite piece of music at the moment is this here: I just love the Theme of the 12th Doctor! I heard it first in...
  2. Mr.Anderson

    My worst problem

    So maybe a few of you guys may have already known my problem. My Problem is: I have a ship ingame. Its drivable etc so just the standard rpg maker mv ship. Now i want my Player to visit the interior of that ship. (Like in the game dragon quest 9) Now me and @Cunechan are already searching for an...
  3. Mr.Anderson

    Mv behaviour sprites

    Am i the only one who noticed that there are no behaviour sprites in MV? Why is that so or am i the only one?
  4. Mr.Anderson

    New Shop Signs

    Mr.Anderson submitted a new resource: New Shop Signs - Added a few more Signs Read more about this resource...
  5. Mr.Anderson

    Enemy Character

    Hello everyone, I need a special enemy character. I have found many battlers in rpg maker mv but not as much character sprites. I need an Character Sprite for this Spider here It would be awesome if someone could do this.
  6. Mr.Anderson

    Hello Everybody

    My Name is Dominik and i am trying to find ressources. I love using Rpg maker and i am currently working on a Projekt.