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  1. LordBones

    Crop a picture

    Is there any way to crop a picture in a circle? And put the center of the crop anywhere and specify the radius of the circle. If this could be in code form it would save me a little time, thanks!
  2. LordBones

    Inventory Wipe Save [Deleted]

    LordBones submitted a new resource: Inventory Wipe Save - Take away all the items, save it. Bring it all back. Read more about this resource...
  3. LordBones

    Civ VI

    Civilization 6 announced yesterday, we don't know a whole lot from the trailer, it's just marketing guff. The links below have much more to offer you. Played a lot of Civ4, less but still a lot of Civ5. Any thoughts? Looking forward to it, things you'd like to see occur from information etc...
  4. LordBones

    Select character index in a !$ character

    I've got this sheet here, I called !$Training. Here's my question, without using a difforent image, how do I change the image shown on the event to another tile/square on the image. My goal is to get the scarecrow to animate and move back and forth. Currently I've tried changing the direction...
  5. LordBones

    Why aren't there more map battle systems?

    I'm the Lord Bones however I wasn't always, I used to be called Optioned on forums and spoke with a guy called Kan Gao over MSN then. I tested the game Quintessence: The Blighted Venom, you could probably find my old forum posts, this game had a simple but some how effective map based battle...
  6. LordBones

    [ARTIST, PAID] Sprite Modifications and light custom work

    Hey, I need some very simple battle sprite animations. This would be a situation when I describe a fighting move and then you come back with some frames and a suggested frames per second. This is after I've given you a sprite. So below is an example: FRAME 1: FRAME 2: FRAME 3: FRAME 4...
  7. LordBones

    Window Graphics Flickering on Update

    I have a simple piece of code (below) which will run when a stat changes. It displays a bar and using the width I've been able to make it equal the health bar. Non of this is below because other functions interact with it however the point is that I'd like this bar to be updated alot. Everytime...
  8. LordBones

    LordBones - Introduction

    Hey I'm LordBones or Scott. I've been using RPG Maker software for around a decade. RPG Maker MV being the best one so far because I can actually program decently in Javascript. I'm a writer primarily however I enjoy programming and am fairly adapt at doing so. Currently working on a game...