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  1. Harmless

    Lockheart Indigo

    A private-eye must deceive a rich family into revealing their darkest secrets, before the killer amongst them silences everyone.
  2. Harmless

    RPG Maker for C***s - Podcast (Thoughts)

    I've just finished recorded a short podcast idea. It's a bit bootleg, it's rought around the edges, but I want to know if others are interested in hear more from it. (Or atleast, a long and better version of this)
  3. Harmless

    Machines That Bleed - Demo

    DireDimes submitted a new resource: Machines That Bleed - Alpha 1.0.0 - A story about Manipulation and Murder Read more about this resource...
  4. Harmless

    Translation and Localization for RMMV games

    Hey guys, I come from Quebec, Canada. It's a french province in the far right of Canada. I wanted to know if anyone had any theories on how to develop a plugin that facilitates translation. I've been playing with the idea that I would make a JavaScript tool that would export all the text out...
  5. Harmless

    Tracer is gay!

    It's been confirmed! I get the feeling Blizzard is trying to target the LGBTQ+ community for marketing, but it's kinda great one of the most popular FPSs placed a lesbian on the forefront of the gaming community. The LGBTQ+ community needs more main character roles, so this is a win. (Short...
  6. Harmless

    Machines That bleed

    ~ Machines That Bleed ~ A cheesy story about Manipulation and Murder Disclaimer: - Violence - Sexual Theme - Crude Language Alpha 1 is now available! https://rpgmakermv.co/resources/machines-that-bleed-alpha-1-0-0.1221/ ~ The Demo's OST ~ The Alpha 2 is available...
  7. Harmless

    Long Scripts in Event

    Is there a way of entering a large quantity of code in an event, much like scripts in GameMaker? A lot of my game mechanics revolve around dialog choices and my events look like a battlefield! I'm hoping this would help make everything clearer.
  8. Harmless

    Kickstarter and RPG Maker games...

    So I've been working on the demo of my game for a hand full of months and I've seriously been considering kickstarter. I've done all I could to make the game look and feel like it's own thing (not rpg maker looking). That said, I know rpg maker games and kickstarter have some bad blood because...
  9. Harmless

    Playlist from the depths of your emo phase... O.o

    I just stumbled on to Frank Iero's new album which is why I decided to start this thread! I was a huge My Chemical Romance fan boy back in the day (Still am, Heuheuehuehue) New Album: Does anyone have any cringy or dumb stories of their angsty past? What was everyone's youth anthems? I used...
  10. Harmless

    Music and Cheesy movies

    Hi everyone, I'm DireDimes and am happy to join the MV community! I've been working on an Ace Attorney -like Game inspired by cheesy detective films for a few months now and look forward to show y'all what it looks like! I'm a programmer and also a musician. I'm "trying" to learn illustration...