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  1. Status Gear Entertainment

    [SGE] Vibrant Horizon | 2016

    So those of you who you don't me due to my increasingly long disappearances, I am StatusGearEntertainment (or at least the representative for SGE). Known to specialize in digital graphics generally and event logics in the RPG Maker community, I also not only work on RPG Maker games but games...
  2. Status Gear Entertainment

    Laser Project

    So after seeing the SKARP razor project and seeing how it brings nearly no promise of what the people want. I thought I'd take a break from anything gaming and wanted to create something like this myself. So as a no experienced person I do what I normally do. I self teach myself to create and go...
  3. Status Gear Entertainment

    Thread Problems

    Hello everyone, StatusGearEntertainment here. In reference to the thread I had just created [SGE] [Guide] The Art of Plotting it is clear to see the are some issues that guide has such as double spoilers. These are do to the re-editting portions of the threads that were set by pre-rendered...
  4. Status Gear Entertainment

    [SGE] [Guide] The Art of Plotting

    !! This guide is not yet complete. If you wish to contribute to largely help explain everything there is about this topic please contact personally or reply in this thread. !! The Art of Plotting Full Guide From Novice To Master Version StatusGearEntertainment Chapter 0: Summary...
  5. Status Gear Entertainment

    MV-Tan [SGE Style] [Deleted]

    Status Gear Entertainment submitted a new resource: MV-Tan [SGE Style] - MV-Tan created in the art style that I wanted to try out. Enjoy everyone! Read more about this resource...
  6. Status Gear Entertainment

    MV-Tan's Older Sister [Deleted]

    Status Gear Entertainment submitted a new resource: MV-Tan's Older Sister - MV-Tan's Older Sister has made an appearance! She's more level-headed and more evil. Read more about this resource...
  7. Status Gear Entertainment

    [ 3DS ] Stella Glow

    Release Date: Already Out $30 Created By: SEGA & ATLUS Director: Dai Oba Systems: 3DS Genre: Tactical Action Role-playing About The protagonist Alto is a young man suffering from amnesia. He has managed to find a home in Mithra Village with his friend Lisette, however their happiness is...
  8. Status Gear Entertainment

    DoD & DoN: StatusGearEntertainment

    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\ Department of Defense and Department of the Navy \\ Status Gear Entertainment \\ Electrician's Mate Fireman Surface Warfare...
  9. Status Gear Entertainment

    [SGE] [Guide] The Art of Eventing Logic

    !! This guide is not yet complete. If you wish to contribute to largely help explain everything there is about this topic please contact personally or reply in this thread. !! The Art of Eventing Logic Full Guide From Novice To Master Version StatusGearEntertainment Chapter 0...
  10. Status Gear Entertainment

    [Advanced Logic] Random Event Terrain Variable Generation (RETVG)

    Hello everyone, StatusGearEntertainment is back and with a rare appearance of asking an event question. (Because I can nearly do everything and think of it with eventing and logic.) Refer to Diagram 1A. The Diagram 1A The Description The Problem Very Respectfully, StatusGearEntertainment
  11. Status Gear Entertainment

    StatusGearEntertainment Shot Down!

    For those who don't know already, I'm practically down 1 laptop and almost down another. Granted, I legit own 4 laptops. 2 are at home in Florida (one out of commission) and the other working just fine. My goal for this christmas break was too send all 4 laptops over with me and drop 2 off in...
  12. Status Gear Entertainment

    [Help] Computer Fails To Update On Applications

    Hi guys, it's StatusGearEntertianment. Been awhile but I have a question for you guys. I can't find the words for it or searches for it on google. My computer will not update it's frames on certain applications. For example, on Photoshop CS6. When I make changes to anything like add a shape or...
  13. Status Gear Entertainment

    Norse Attack Map (Cyber World War)

    StatusGearEntertainment here to bring you something new to your life. You may just be surprised what you see. ;) http://map.norsecorp.com/ Every second, Norse collects and analyzes live threat intelligence from darknets in hundreds of locations in over 40 countries. The attacks shown are...
  14. Status Gear Entertainment

    [Eventing] Picture Scale : Variable

    Hey guys StatusGearEntertainment, just had a thought for a simple loading bar that uses a picture that at 100% fills the 816px width size. Any way I can parallel a way to make a counter that counts down or a timer that counts down and as it counts down, the picture scaling size decreases with...
  15. Status Gear Entertainment

    Herp De Derp

    This is some deep emotional message about social awkwardness. Or is it? Shout out to all my herps and derps out there. Sometimes there's just that one very attractive person you'd want to talk to out there but you know it'll go just like this and your pick game isn't strong. I too dance with...
  16. Status Gear Entertainment

    Opening and Closing Credits List

    For the more professional side of film making, gamemaking and so forth, what do you think would be the proper way to list off all the credits? I wanted to be precise about it so I just gave it a good google guess with some wikipedia guessing. Then I thought, why make it anymore complex than it...
  17. Status Gear Entertainment


    Name Perception Created By Status Gear Entertainment Genre(s) [Action] [RPG] Rating 12+ Version INDEV 1.2.4 (31.OCT.2015) Demo Delayed Due To Loss Of Content! Christmas break I went to Florida and i brought my laptop with me. Coming back to Japan, it stopped working. Whatever TSA did, it ruined...
  18. Status Gear Entertainment

    Has anyone ever been?

    Don't worry guys. I'm just as confused as you are when I watched this. I laughed to hard at it. Very Respectfully, StatusGearEntertainment P.S. Sorry if it was random. Thought you could use a good laugh today. Or maybe just a smile is enough. <3
  19. Status Gear Entertainment

    Specific Random Request Codes

    Hello everyone, StatusGearEntertainment here actually asking for more. Once in a blue moon my ideas get blocked out with the software's limitations and when I can't figure out after some hours, I resort to here. I'm looking for specific codes that should cut down on work. Most of my game's...
  20. Status Gear Entertainment

    [Intermediate] Creating A Universal Chatting NPC

    Hello everyone, StatusGearEntertainment here to bring you a written tutorial on how to create NPCs that you can talk to and not have reoccurring chats topics all the time on an intermediate level. Simply because I don't want to scramble my own brain thinking of super complex ways to create AI...