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  1. Orange Ball

    I got a error on MV. D:

    What did i do wrong!? I got an error. D: I can't fix this.
  2. Orange Ball

    Humanize your non-human character.

    If you have a non-human character, like me, You can humanize your non-human character by drawing it as human. For Example, I've made myself as a human. Looking cute, right?
  3. Orange Ball

    Is there any program to record MV games well?

    I tried Bandicam, But it dosen't record well, only record slowly. :(
  4. Orange Ball

    Puzzling Creatures

    Not a RPG game, neither even made with RPG Maker, but a retro-like crossover puzzle game made with Game Maker Studio. Website: http://nadiya2000.wix.com/puzzling-creatures Latest Video:
  5. Orange Ball

    State Graphics for MV?

    So far I've seen State Graphics Script for VX Ace, that made by Victor Script, But I wonder if these are for MV.... And, Does Script Requests can be posted on Resource Request!? :(
  6. Orange Ball

    Had a conversion with Xyphien in Steam

    I Had a conversion with @Xyphien in Steam, and I found out his internet gone bad... so he can't finish download MV well. Do you feel bad for him?
  7. Orange Ball

    A New Crossover Game is planned for MV

    (MORE COMING SOON) Beginning Plot: When I was awake, I've found out that i'm in scary and dark forest alone... Due to this, i've lost my courage. Would I escape from scary forest? Characters (so far): Voice Actors: Coverart:
  8. Orange Ball

    Is it possible to have more than 4 party members for MV?

    I really think so. But I don't know how. I've used this great feature for VX Ace.
  9. Orange Ball

    Speaking Japanese Test

    こんにちは、私はオレンジボールです。あなたが日本語を話しますか? (Translation: Hello, I'm Orange Ball. Do you speak Japanese?)
  10. Orange Ball

    Orange Ball's AMA Thread

    Please ask me anything. :)
  11. Orange Ball

    Hugging Orange Ball (Free to use)

    If you used this, Upload this for this thread, other than that, Credit me.
  12. Orange Ball

    Revenge of the Evils - A Great Crossover game

    Warning: Randomness Enemies (because i can't think of enemies ideas), Not suitable for younger peoples. An RPG game that is starring myself and pink ball. More Info coming soon. Latest Video: CREDITS: Characters, Audio belong to respective owners. Need Voice Actors: You can voice either me...
  13. Orange Ball

    Orange Ball-ify yourself

    Draw yourself as a orange ball that fully looks like me but with your hairstyle, your shoes, your glasses if you have and your eyebrows if you have, and don't forget to act cute. You don't need to do this if you don't want to. Rules (so far): 1. Has to be orange. Example: Andy as Orange Ball.
  14. Orange Ball


    Cares to donate to this forum? This forums's goal is 100 USD. http://www.rpgmakermv.co/donate/ That means you, can donate. :)
  15. Orange Ball

    Orange Ball Battle Sprite

    Orange Ball submitted a new resource: Orange Ball Battle Sprite - Orange Ball Read more about this resource...
  16. Orange Ball

    Create your own Peanuts characters

    http://www.peanutizeme.com/ If you're done, Share your character by uploading the file on this thread.
  17. Orange Ball

    Orange Ball's Faceset

    Orange Ball submitted a new resource: Orange Ball's Faceset - Orange Ball Read more about this resource...
  18. Orange Ball

    Orange Ball

    Orange Ball submitted a new resource: Orange Ball - Orange Ball Read more about this resource...
  19. Orange Ball

    Badge Problem

    I have a problem, I can't get "I Like It a Lot" after I have least +25 rating. Is it me or just a problem?
  20. Orange Ball

    Orange Ball's Arts

    Well, I tried my best at drawing. So here's a drawing of myself.