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  1. Riko

    Tileset Swamp tiles

    Ahh hope you are doing well now and welcome back :)
  2. Riko

    The introduction I was bullied into...

    Welcome! When I get back on the PC tomorrow I'll take a look. :)
  3. Riko

    Tileset Swamp tiles

    Yeah. Its awesome. ^^ Still need to learn how to map better but will come over time.
  4. Riko

    Tileset Swamp tiles

    Just downloaded it and testing it now.
  5. Riko

    Tileset Swamp tiles

    Its coming along very well. Back again now too
  6. Riko

    Tileset Swamp tiles

    Ahh I see:p
  7. Riko

    Tileset Swamp tiles

    Sounds awesome
  8. Riko

    Tileset Swamp tiles

    Something new then. What will make it different. Not sure if it's possible but you could make it something you can also walk through like the mud idea.
  9. Riko

    Tileset Swamp tiles

    You been working very hard on this. It's coming along very well. Trying to think what else you could add to it. Maybe cobwebs or other swamp plants? That took me awhile to tap the right thing here damn phone made them tiny. lol creative one.
  10. Riko

    Introduction/What's Up? + Dev help?

    Welcome! I am sure someone here will help you. :)
  11. Riko

    My new game in coming: Dark Dungeon

    Hello and welcome :) hope it goes well.
  12. Riko

    Greetings All

    Welcome. :)
  13. Riko

    Red Panda Character

    Thank you very much. ^^
  14. Riko


    Welcome to the forums
  15. Riko

    Thats very nice of you. ^^

    Thats very nice of you. ^^
  16. Riko

    Hi from Czech Republic!

    Hello and welcome! Many helpful people here. :)
  17. Riko

    Completed Dirt / Swamp tileset

    Thank you. ^^
  18. Riko

    Completed Dirt / Swamp tileset

    Thank you all for helping. I shall take a look. Sorry also, just very new to this.
  19. Riko

    Completed Dirt / Swamp tileset

    Does anyone know where i can find a Dirt / Swamp tileset? or have advice on how to make one in MV? I can not seem to find a way to do so.