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  1. Azdak

    Science, Sorcery and Strength (Free Demo)

    Azdak submitted a new resource: Science, Sorcery and Strength - Demo Read more about this resource...
  2. Azdak

    What is your favourite spell from a Video Game?

    What spell have you had in a game that you had not seen before and you loved?
  3. Azdak

    Can you do more harm then good if you release a Demo early?

    When do you think is the best time to release a Demo of your project? Can you do more harm then good if you release it early? Do you think it's OK to release something that is still a working progress? Would it annoy you if the treasure chests were all empty and you could walk through bits of...
  4. Azdak

    What would you say is acceptable language to use in RPG Maker?

    If you are easily offended, please do not read. I am currently doing a lot of writing in RPG Maker and there are times when you get into hostile confrontations. Now I do not want to swear in the game, I do not want any F-Bombs or anything but iv got a few words that I'm not sure if people...
  5. Azdak

    Quesgion about copy right, Final fantasy Materia system and dungeons and dragons Dice rolls

    Hi I am making a game and I am getting down to the weapons and skills aspect. I was thinking of giving weapons dice number rolls like you have in some western RPGs like dungeon's and dragons, Baldur's Gate. So my question is; is it ok to have weapons that say they do "1D6" damage (One dice, six...
  6. Azdak

    Hello all, this is my intro :D

    Great web site with some great art. A lot of talented people are here. I am making my own game and have just upgraded from Ace to MV so I have just finished sorting the scripts out for MV.. Not sure if you can mention names of the people who wrote the scripts but I have found some that are...