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  1. L

    Full Screen on Mobile Versions

    Hey everyone, I need help with mobile deployment. I've already developed and published several games on iOS and Android using RPG Maker MV. The problem is...when playing the game on a phone (iPhone, Pixel, etc.) all of the games come out with black borders on the sides. When those very same...
  2. CT_Bolt

    Need help showing Rewarded Interstitial Ads

    UPDATE: I've solved most of the issue. I've used adMob I can post my code when I get home. All except for rewarded & non-interstitial ads play and work with just a few issues. The ads are only partly "clickable". Rewarded Ads: Close button works functions perfectly. Reward is distributed...
  3. CT_Bolt

    What's your mobile platform?

    I'm currently developing a game for mobile devices (Phones/Tablets). (cool) So I was curious to see what devices this community uses. Please vote in the poll & feel free to share your thoughts on mobile development also if you'd like. (cute)
  4. PsychoFox

    "Type Error: Undefined is not a function"

    So, I was trying to port a test RPG to android APK. Though after following the instructions I keep getting the "Type error" The game works fine on pc, but after it gets converted it doesn't work... I've tried two different times (with different projects) And nothing seems to work. I have...
  5. B

    "js.map" How find and fix it?

    Hi, guys! When I press F8 while game testing on MV, it shows "missing Pixi.js.map, Pixi-picture.js.map and Pixi-tilemap.js.map". I don't know what to do, 'cause I got the last update of MV and Pixi, and I uptaded my project too, so, apparently, everything is ok. All plugins that I'm using are...
  6. Killer Gin

    RPG Maker MV Memory HOG! Crashes!

    OMG guys! I just had to post this, this is for anyone that is experiencing memory issues with RPG Maker MV //////////////////////////////////// RPG Maker MV has a major Memory issue!! RPG Maker MV Game Process: My Mac = 22MB of memory (Full Standalone Version) My PC = 12MB of memory (Full...
  7. Lee Hong Sang

    Tint Screen cause extremely lags on Android

    So i have a game availble for Android devices. The game runs smoothly until Tint Screen command is activated. I don't know why but whenever i try to tint screen the game, the game suddenly get extremely lags, almost unplayable. I Googled it and searched some answers but non of them were right in...
  8. Killer Gin

    Killer Gin 0.9.9 (Master Particle Edition), RPG with dating and farming!!

    (*The game is constantly being updated, all screenshots are old.) Current Demo: 0.9.9 Demos Available: PC, MAC, Linux (mobile later) Last Demo uploaded: 12/13/18 Official Game Page: www.killergin.com (Download PC, Mac and Linux demos) Play Killer Gin Online...