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  1. KOC - 316

    Pixel Theater - Sprite with voices! Check it out!

    Be sure to like, share, and subscribe. It`s good and it has voice actors! Check it out people! It`s something different! I want to build supporters and I will help anyone on anything related to gaming in this department. This is not a game by the way. It`s sprite anime on rpg maker. Pixel...
  2. CT_Bolt

    Pixel Art Character from Image

    Can anyone here turn the following image into a animated sprite running? I would like the sprite to look just like this but "cleaned up". I need it animated with at least 3 frames please. Any output format is fine, I prefer a png formatted as a MV character sheet though. Thanks for reading...
  3. Akra Olna

    It is art time, my dudes.

    I need to get more inventive with thread names, oh well! I've improved with art a bunch since I was here last. So I figure I'll do what i do and show off.
  4. Createocon

    SATURN, My first RPG Maker MV Game.

    Hello everyone, so I finally started my first Official RPG Maker game, and development is going pretty well. I created a Devlog profile on gamejolt for it so you can follow the development if interested. There will be more substantial posts after I'm done fine tuning the game mechanics and...
  5. Azure

    Azure's GFX & Art Section [OPEN!]

    STATUS: OPEN First and foremost, Welcome to my Shop! My name is azure and I've decided to open up a shop here in the forums to partly fund my game in the process and secondly to support myself for future anomalies. Well, without further ado, let's get to it! Send me a message for more...
  6. ObsidianTrance

    ObsidianTrance Art

    Greetings RMers :) This is my first post here and likely to be main, unless I make a thread sharing my writing. I thought it would be great to share my artwork with other artists here, get some feedback and eventually, every now and then, take up some requests for those that would like~ I'm a...
  7. sage

    Sage's Art Shop[Paid]

    I am revamping my commissions because it's summer, and I have some free time. One character: Headshot: $8 Halfbody: $10 (add a background +$8) Fullbody: $15 (add a background +$10) Standalone Background (depends on size and amount of detail) $10 for 4:3 ratio, or thinner. $15 for...
  8. sage

    Inktober 2016

    Inktober is an art challenge that involves doing an ink drawing every day during October. All you have to do is get a pen, and draw something. There is an official prompt for each day, but you don't have to follow it. The important part is doing ink drawings. You can find out more about it...
  9. Exayda

    Seeking Artists For Long Term Project

    Hello everyone, I new here and I was wondering if anyone out there who draws anime style really well would be interested in helping me with the art for my game. I can pay.
  10. Zenovyx

    Hi and Hello: Nice to meet you~

    Hello, my nickname is Zenovyx. Nice to meet you all! (blush)(amazed) I'm not pro in term of anything (proclaiming as newbie) as there are a lot of people better than me~ I'm currently in SHS - have some free time but have nothing to do :/ (oh well...) I found out that making game is fun, since...
  11. Terrorchen

    Terrorchan's Art (Request Open)

    Decided I'd share some of my art and since I need practice on backgrounds, lighting, and poses I thought I'd take a couple requests as well. Some of the stuff I've posted here is older...but I like most of it anyway :3 [ My DeviantArt http://terrorchean.deviantart.com/
  12. Boy Who Codes

    Soul's Photomanipulation Atelier

    Hi guys. I just want to drop by here a few of my Photomanipulation artworks. They are originally posted in dA, so for more information about the resources, other credits listed, please drop by on my dA. Don't forget to give your favorites too if you're also in deviantArt :D Link to my dA here...
  13. Terrorchen

    [Paid or Trade] UPDATE Terrorchan's Art Commissions

    UPDATE 6/17/2016 Changing things to better suit my current capabilities and time slots. My main project has been put on hold for now and am only working on a small scale side project. I'm looking to do commissions to save up money for University expenses ^-^ I have also changed my style to...
  14. LordBones

    [ARTIST, PAID] Sprite Modifications and light custom work

    Hey, I need some very simple battle sprite animations. This would be a situation when I describe a fighting move and then you come back with some frames and a suggested frames per second. This is after I've given you a sprite. So below is an example: FRAME 1: FRAME 2: FRAME 3: FRAME 4...
  15. Status Gear Entertainment

    [SGE] [Guide] The Art of Plotting

    !! This guide is not yet complete. If you wish to contribute to largely help explain everything there is about this topic please contact personally or reply in this thread. !! The Art of Plotting Full Guide From Novice To Master Version StatusGearEntertainment Chapter 0: Summary...
  16. Bizarre Monkey

    Rebel's Sunrise

    This will be my final entry. My final post. You likely know the reasons I'm leaving, and I don't feel like repeating myself just so I can get banned for calling out the administration on being filth, again. So here's my final ode. I don't want to leave on a negative note with anyone but those...
  17. samorious

    How hard is it to create something?

    First I need to say, this isn't going to be a thread where I will be explaining the technical bits of creating art, games etc. This thread is also not a tutorial. The whole purpose of this thread for me is to tell my own story in creating art so that other people might benefit of it and share...
  18. samorious

    Tale of a Young Boy - Nerriëda Dynasty

    Introduction: The idea for the game started around 5 months ago. When I first discovered RPG Maker, after five months of learning I am stoked to show you my progress so far. All graphic art and gameplay is done by me: Samuel groot Wassink All the music is created by a good friend called: Levi...
  19. Sean Aram

    SV Battler Animation Question!

    On the page of sv battler animations, I'm having a hard time figuring out what each group of frames are supposed to be, like attacking, taking damage, etc. Some are obvious, while others are a little confusing. Is there a legend somewhere that I can reference to help me out? I'm trying to...
  20. Bizarre Monkey

    Esperia: Stronger Than You (Parody Music Video)

    I know I made a thread earlier about this, but this is a new upload with better sound balancing and it sounds just way better over all. I wrote the lyrics, sung the vocals and my company and I did most of the art. I also have to credit Michael Galefire, Celianna and Mack for some of the things...