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  1. G

    Event based on present party (not reserve)

    Hi everyone! Sorry that I am literally brand new to this ( new to the forum, I have been playing with RPG Maker software for the last 7 years) but I just got MV and I am making a little for-fun game. the problem I am having though is this: > I have set up a location that is the only place the...
  2. SalmonWine

    Recruitment for Silence

    Silence is designed to be a very atypical RPG. It features no elemental system, heavy focus on stat re-balance through equipment, and planning your turn based on a the speed of your party and the effects of skills. For more info on silence, you can view the main thread here...
  3. Amysaurus

    Amy's Art Assistance [OPEN!]

    Hey guys! I'm by no means a pro, but I thought I'd offer my assistance to anyone looking to improve their artwork! It doesn't matter to me if you already have some experience with art or you're just starting out - anyone is welcome to ask me for help, or just a bit of feedback. I have the...