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  1. MikomiKisomi

    Image of Perfection [Demo Available]

    Fight ghosts from your past and real ghosts. It's been a long month for Sirius- not talking to most of your friends, having an angry ex talk about you behind your back, and having a friend claim... that her house is haunted? The past few weeks have been long for Hailey as well, as her house has...
  2. Mr. Open

    Enemy sprites

    Hello! I'm looking for someone willing to make enemy sprites for my game project. Here's some details about the game I'm planning to make: A plot is happening in fantasy world, on an archipelago of floating islands, game will be focusing on monsters from European folklore, legends etc. More...
  3. samorious

    What is the best way to distribute your Game?

    Hello everyone, The title actually says all. Past couple of days I had been wondering, if I were to destribute a game (selling or giving away for free). What would be the best method to do that. I am totally new to this area and I don't think I am the only one. If anyone knows anything about it...
  4. Sinnistar

    Tales of the Lumminai - Assistance Wanted

    We are currently only in need of a plugin developer atm. Anything else won't be accepted unless we feel your work is of great quality since we have all other roles filled. This excludes voice acting (since we don't know if we can do that on our own or not). Me and my small team have been...