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fantasy rpg

  1. CalebW

    Celestugaia A Universe of Books 1

    This game was made to co-align with a book series made about dragons. I hope you enjoy this demo and any feedback is appreciated that way I can release the full game at its maxium potential.
  2. E

    Darkside Chronicles

    In a world where humans were blessed by the Elders of Magic. Those gifted are called Divinities. Divinities control the very aspect of magic from elemental attacks to curses, hexes and more. Everything has a good and bad side. For Stella Mason things can only get worse. From training in the...
  3. BlizZaga

    Blood Mage Plugin - using MAX Hp after main HP used up for immortal character.

    Hi. I'm new here and I have an idea for my story. There's a girl that has magic and she can use it, but she meets Julian (a vampire or other immortal) who uses dark magic. Now, here's my problem (I'd like ideas and such), while I'm in battle mode, I would like for Julian to be able to use his...
  4. Phoenexis

    The Corrupted Legend

    =================== The Corrupted Legend =================== Version 0.0.1b I'm currently developing a game called The Corrupted Legend. You follow the story of Whitlock, an ex-soldier from a fallen country known as Asteria. Without purpose, Whitlock decides to forge his own way through the...
  5. Str8studios

    Looking for a mapper

    Hi there, I am making a fantasy rpg tentatively titled the gloom. I am a decent eventer and writer and have a solid familiarity with scripts from working with vx ace. My mapper and best friend has too much going on in life to work with me on the game anymore, and so I have decided to restart the...
  6. SepulcherGeist

    Introduction: Writer-Type Person

    Hello, I'm a published author looking into making an RPG Maker MV game to release free with my next book, if I feel I can get the "tone" of the game right. I made an account here to hunt for usable resources, but if anyone needs any writing, plot, or character help or advice, you can always hit...
  7. Alex Skie

    The Sacred Runes

    Legend speaks of the mighty ancients. And how they carved secrets of creation within the oldest stones. They say the stones were placed far across the 5 kingdoms in hope that one day, the heart of man would be pure enough to be trusted with the secrets of the gods. You play as one of four...
  8. Killer Gin

    Killer Gin 0.9.9 (Master Particle Edition), RPG with dating and farming!!

    (*The game is constantly being updated, all screenshots are old.) Current Demo: 0.9.9 Demos Available: PC, MAC, Linux (mobile later) Last Demo uploaded: 12/13/18 Official Game Page: www.killergin.com (Download PC, Mac and Linux demos) Play Killer Gin Online...