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  1. Myzt

    Revezure (semi-apocalyptic story)

    REVEZURE REVEZURE Dark and light fantasy,RPG,Semi Rythm Introduction & Plot: This is a story of a Goddess who made her world chaotic/semi-apocalyptic and made it into her own crazy interest. You'll be playing as Ru(Goddess). Wherein you'll see that she'll be toying the lives of her...
  2. Val Ray

    RPG Fighter League - A Battle to Finish! (DEMO is out)

    RPG - Fighter League - A Battle to Finish! - (link to dev blog on this project) Demo / Prototype / Link Google Drive (330 mb) For fans of old classic RPG / JRPG fighting mecanics in a world full of secrets and great characters. I would like to have your thoughts on my project thank you! :D...