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  1. X

    Certain Tiles Not Working- please help

    I made a few places with this same tileset, and it appears the flooring mainly is what is left black when I test the game. It was a free uploaded fire/cave kind of tileset from someone else that was made custom. Yet, the way they left it online, it won't even take all of the tiles, but it does...
  2. K

    HALP! Can't see resources

    Hello all. I am brand new to RPGMMV. When i go to add a new event, i double click on the checkerboard area under "Image" and all that comes up to choose from is (None) and [Tileset B], [Tileset C]. (SEE attached screenshot) I can see the png files for the characters and all the other...
  3. S

    Having trouble uploading character

    Hello, I’m new to this site and RPG Maker and need help. I am using RPG Maker MV and making custom tiles and custom characters. I was able to upload the tiles without issue. I am using Game Character Hub to make the characters, but am unable to upload them into RPG Maker MV. I did not see...
  4. N

    Help Please - Script calls - commands

    Hello everyone! (Sorry for my english in advanced) I am trying to make a movement route to an event (by scripting) but i have no idea scripting.. But i guess (hope) it is kinda of easy what i need.. ----------------------------------------------------- 1 Step) Event Command = Show Animation...
  5. M

    Database Organizer

    Hello, Im sorry if this is in the wrong area, or if there is already a thread item for this. Im looking to see if anyone has a template for excel that would allow for game ideas to be seperate and easy to go through so when you start to put your ideas from the spreadsheet into the game its...
  6. StarlitOcean

    Need help on a battle event.

    I tried Discord to talk to people about things but it didn't really work out much so, I'll try the forum again. I'm having trouble creating a certain event. The whole thing is, a character gives the player a potion that adds a "flawed" skill, named "Captain's Rage." What it's supposed to do is...
  7. Chi-Time

    drawFace () and drawActorFace () Not Drawing to Window.

    Hi there. I'm having an issue with drawing actor faces to a Window_Base as it just won't display them. Everything else such as icon's, text, simple status' etc all seem to work. But trying to draw an image of their face is just not doing anything. Here's my current code...
  8. Oktober Love

    [SOLVED] Need help with in-game save ERROR!

    So I've been working on a game for the past couple weeks and I have the UPP Parallax Pro Plugin and its been working great...until I finally tried to save my game. It gives me a TypeError: "Cannot set Property 'Sprite' of undefined". After some testing I discovered that the plugin was causing...
  9. Key

    Trading Card Game Help

    Hey there! I was hoping to make a game similar to the Yu-gi-oh Tag Force series. Your character attends school and has classic life events that you must play through while also building a deck of cards to battle others with. Obviously there will be a story and multiple side missions to...
  10. P

    Is there a way to make DLC

    hey guys quick question is there a way to make dlc for my game so that way i can make it chapter based kind of like life is strange and tell tale games like episode one episode 2 and so on? or is there a plugin for that if i cant do it already i cant really show pictures cuz i need to do it in...
  11. yomaniac

    Trouble with the Terrax Lighting Plugin

    Hi, I am using this plugin and everything is working fine with some lights I made accept the colour. I have the right code in for the color I want to use but it is still showing a white colour, however sometimes when my followers go on it the correct colour appears on them. Any ideas on how to...
  12. yomaniac

    Rapid Button Press?

    I am trying to make a mechanic where the player needs to rapidly press a key on the keyboard to continue the game, if they fail then it's game over. Anyone know how to do this?
  13. B

    Daily quest plugin

    Hi. I have an idea for a plugin. It would be a "Daily quest plugin". The plugin would work in such a way: downloading the date from the system (eg clock available in the game) -> drawing a task from the database at 00:00 -> active task is available in the menu -> after completing the current...
  14. Izamune

    Just Joined. Very Excited!

    Greetings to all. Glad to be a part of this I had been using the RMMV awhile now but haven't made much progress alone. I'm hoping I can get lots of help here.
  15. Lightcycler

    Passibility on tiles that are half-transparent

    Having issues with tilesets... I'm running into problems trying to make it so that the player can brush up against objects such as this piano ^^ from the side. The player cannot get any closer to the piano than the length of a tile away (shown above, that's the closest they can get). Is...
  16. breakMe


    Is there a way to make multiple different currencies in this gamemaker? Also, can you make a quest page in the menu?
  17. trapless

    Search Members / Useful forum edits. *take two*

    ------------( 1 ) Search members exist without them posting? If not, why? If so, how? ------------( 2) It makes sense to have the main stickys in this board because they are help related. I believe Other board would benifite greatly by having thier own set of relative stickys. The main help...
  18. trapless

    Search Members / Board specific stickys?

    Please fix editing post containing links... we simply cant do it. The title is wrong because I can't display the info intended due to an error in a link i wanted to fix.
  19. Hmichelle

    Door event problems

    I hope its something I'm doing wrong but recently I've been having trouble with the door events because when I exit a building the characters get stuck in the door and then it stays like that. Btw the picture pretty much sums it up.
  20. zeN

    Looking For Game With All Events Included [game files]

    RPG Maker MV looking for a game with all events included, nothing too complicated. Please link it to me, (game files), etc. Thanks.