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  1. MikomiKisomi

    Image of Perfection [Demo Available]

    Fight ghosts from your past and real ghosts. It's been a long month for Sirius- not talking to most of your friends, having an angry ex talk about you behind your back, and having a friend claim... that her house is haunted? The past few weeks have been long for Hailey as well, as her house has...
  2. GameJester

    "White Rose" GameDev 2019 Contest

    "Wh....what? Where am I?" It was dark, almost pitch black if it were not for the faint purple light leaking through a door in front of me. The air stank of sulfur. There was no sound. It was so soundless, the deafening high pitch noise that is almost literally the absence of sound, was ringing...
  3. Jordan Winslow

    How to Make Your RPG Maker Game Look Unique With CRT Shaders! (Scanlines) Tutorial

    This is the effect we are going for and will achieve in less than 5 minutes with no plugins or scripting! How do we do it? I have made a video guide for you!
  4. Epic Conjurer

    There Are Voices.

    Isn't it great! When your family goes away for the weekend leaving you home alone... It's party time right? Right? Well... In Effy's case it is far from it. Coming from a broken home, Effy tends to have a bad relationship with her family... especially her little sister, Lilly, and instead of...
  5. T. Petrichor

    H I R A E T H

    Hello! Been working on my game for almost two years -- very close to being ready -- but still very far from the finish! Check it out on my itch.io :) https://tpetrichor.itch.io/h-i-r-a-e-t-h
  6. Overland_Cat

    I'm looking for music for a breaking news scene.

    I'm looking for a scene music that is for a news scene that tells the news of a killer escaping jail and caused the murders of two people in the city. Does anyone know where to find one? Engine: RPG Maker MV Genre: Horror, Modern, Urban Loop-able: yes Description: About a scene with some...
  7. AniMANIA7983

    Nobody Holds The Key DEMO

    The Nobody Holds The Key DEMO has been released. Nobody Holds The Key is an RPG Maker MV game starring a group of archeologists as they search through an ambandoned mansion. Or so they think. This mansion contains three orphans, a dark past, and many secrets. The game is still in development...
  8. yomaniac

    Sprite Similar to the Mothman for MV

    Hi, I am making a game and was wondering if anyone would like to or knows of a character sprite similar to the mothman. This is a picture of what it looks like. This is a sprite by IntenseTomato that I saw however, I would like one larger than the player and more detailed and scarier. It...
  9. Speedpaint Nightcore

    Game development in need of help!

    Synopsis & Goals: Hey, guys! Today I'm bringing you an opportunity to take part in a developing game. The genre is a horror survival game with an element of mystery. The game is a popular type of horror which is a zombie apocalypse, The target audience will be mostly aimed at teens between...
  10. TheParaxoid

    Inter Somnium【Game Project】[Early Development] (0.0.5)

    Welcome to Inter Somnium! Inter Somnium is an indie exploration horror game with puzzles, mystery and multiple endings! I have been working on the project since June 22nd of 2017! Points:- The game will be a mix of parallax mapping and normal mapping! It will be simple, yet visually stunning...
  11. Foxx

    Hockey Mask Request

    Hey, I'm planning on making a friday the 13th game however I cannot find any hockey masks to mod into the character generator and I would be no good at making one myself. Could someone please direct me to an already existing hockey mask generator piece of if anyone would be kind enough to make...
  12. J

    RAT-C Productions Recruiting!

    Hey guys, I'm currently recruiting for my Productions group who is currently working on a Slasher/Horror Rpg with a very heavy Butterfly effect influence to it. I'm looking to make it look as original as it will be for our community as I've seen no one else has come up with the idea yet. Some...
  13. K

    Sprites and Horror resources

    Hello! I am currently working on a horror game, getting all sorts of resources for this idea I have. ^^ I kindly ask anyone willing to help me to point me to some good, free tilesets and objects I can use for a horror game set in a somewhat spacious mansion (hah, kinda reminds of Mad Father...
  14. Noesberry

    Eldritch Case #1

    Join Evelyn Anna Eldritch, A 1920's Detective as she ciphers through current and cold cases, solves murders and fights crime. Burned by a dark past that influences her present decisions and throws her into a future of uncertainty as the darkest corners of the supernatural world closes in on her...
  15. Noesberry


    Hello everyone. I am needing a little bit of help. I'm setting my game in the 1920's and i need a few resources. I needing clothes around that era and also hair styles. if anyone can either give me tips on how to make them or can make the for me or anything would be greatly appreciated...
  16. Orange Jones

    Graphics Spooky Halloween Battlers

    EDIT: It's Halloween, so I guess these are done! If you'd like to download them all together, check out the resource here. --- Hey guys! It's already pretty close to Halloween, but I've been drawing a couple of 2spooky halloween-y battlers and I thought I'd share. When I get a good number...
  17. Lee Hong Sang

    Seven Mysteries Redux

    "There's a reason why you're the only one who is willing to believe." Facebook page Seven Mysteries Redux is a supernatural horror game with a little mystery in the mix. The game has 7 main chapters, 3 additional ones, and a secret chapter. This game is dialogue-heavy and players need to...
  18. Demonboy75

    Favorite games to play during October (Halloween)?

    Being that it's October, the spookiest month of the year, I figured creating a little discussion about games appropriate to play during said month would be timely and intriguing. So, out of curiosity, what is it that all of you like to play in October to celebrate the coming of Halloween. Maybe...
  19. T. Petrichor

    H I R A E T H

    This is the Clearing. These are your Companions. There's Princess Pocket the Persian. And Hesitate the Woodland King. Never forget Felix the Ghost Cicada. But you can only take one of them with you. Step into a surreal adventure in a corrupted dream world and join one of three...
  20. Gemluv

    Yo..Gemluv here.

    Hey... Uh..sup? I'm Gemluv... I guess. I do music sometimes, art, and i'm probably making some darkish RPG MV games. ;) I guess if it's okay, shoot me a message on your stuff. Kool?