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  1. Amysaurus

    Graphics Amy's MV Resources

    (cheeky)Hey guys! Here's what I've been working on for MV! If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know! [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Terms of Use: You can use my work in any non-commercial project, with credit (Amysaurus is fine). If you're interested in...
  2. Amysaurus

    Graphics All Aboard the Icon Train!

    Not 100% sure why I'm doing this, but I randomly felt like remaking my old Legend of Zelda icons from the days of yore. And by days of yore I mean I don't even remember when I made them, but it was at least 6-7 years ago. Of course, being me, I got carried away and now I'm making a complete set...
  3. Koldren

    Some food icons?

    I am making a game that is full with crafting, cooking, alchemy and other types of item creating skills and I don't know how to create food recipes because I don't have any alternative icons to use like 1 sword icon for 100 swords.
  4. CT_Bolt

    Designer Badge Question?

    I just added Icons to the Wiki (More to come later). So I was just wondering does that count for this badge?