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medieval rpg

  1. AceOfAces

    Immortal Sins (Second Edition Beta, Version 0.30.2-20190507)

    Latest Beta Version: D0.30 Update 2 (0.30.2-20190507) Available on the following mirrors: GameJolt (look for "Second Edition Beta"), itch.io(look for "Public Beta") and Windows Store (Windows 10, Version 1607+ only) Story: Step into the shoes of Maria, a noble girl on a distant island...
  2. smilingdragon

    Heroes of Shaola (English)

    Hi all, this is an RPG that we have been working on, alongside with an another project in the Shaola series. This is the 2nd project in the series. All games in this series will focus on captivating story, a lot of surprise plot twists, simple and fun gameplay. We don't really care about styles...
  3. Alex Skie

    The Sacred Runes

    Legend speaks of the mighty ancients. And how they carved secrets of creation within the oldest stones. They say the stones were placed far across the 5 kingdoms in hope that one day, the heart of man would be pure enough to be trusted with the secrets of the gods. You play as one of four...