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  1. jdh34

    MV 1.6.x Xp Sequence 1.0

    This is some song of reflection done in the 80s style Enjoy
  2. jdh34

    MV 1.6.x 2003 Bgm 1.0

    This Is The Live Version Of City Bustle
  3. E

    Let's make a game! Anyone welcome!

    So I previously posted that I want to make a game, but it's too big. And after watching extra credits I realized that I should start small to gain experience. So my proposition is, if anyone wants to just make games for experience sake please reply. I don't have a story to work on, but I'd like...
  4. DaveyBriteRpg

    [Workshop][Free&Paid] DaveyBriteRpg Musical!

    Hello everyone! I get a huge buzz out of providing devs with passionate and professional music, and would like to spread the love all over. Feel free to read on, and post your request should your game need that unique track! ---- If you'd like to listen to tracks I've previously created, you can...
  5. VGMMarkH

    I need to say hello. thats why im not getting 100%

    Hi guys I have been uploading music on this site for a while but never introduced my self. Im sorry for that. my names mark and I hope you enjoy my music. Please feel free to request a track if you feel that I can offer you something that isn't available. My Sound cloud profile. My covers...
  6. curryisnice

    Music Composer

    Hey guys! So I've worked on a few games here and there and write music in my own time - thought I'd put some stuff out there to show you - I write in multiple genres for various types of things so feel free to message me with anything you've got! Some tracks made for the game 'Dreameerie'...
  7. LakePixel

    LakePixel's Music Studio

    Hey, everyone. I'm looking to expand my horizons, and I would love to compose music for the community. Here are some examples of my pieces: ---EXAMPLE SONGS--- The Tropics (Field Theme, Orchestral): Gray City (Entirely Electronic, with several "feelings" to the song (Ambient, Stress...
  8. Arythorn

    Should I add To This?/How Can This Be Improved?

    Hi Guys, it's Arythorn, I was just wondering if any of you would like to take a few moments of your time to listen to a very simple, repetitive piano melody I have written. I am considering adding in an accompanying melody/general accompaniment, in a higher octave, but would like feedback on...
  9. Arythorn

    Opinions Wanted :)

    Hey! So, I have composed, and recorded, my own game theme, and was now wondering if any of you would like to review it as it is much appreciated! Things like how it evokes feelings or any errors (which I hope there are none!) and any what it portrays in terms of what story it could introduce...
  10. Harmless

    Playlist from the depths of your emo phase... O.o

    I just stumbled on to Frank Iero's new album which is why I decided to start this thread! I was a huge My Chemical Romance fan boy back in the day (Still am, Heuheuehuehue) New Album: Does anyone have any cringy or dumb stories of their angsty past? What was everyone's youth anthems? I used...
  11. ArcanaXXIII

    Music and SE

    Hello all! I write music and generate sound effects. These are fully composed works, no loops no adaptations, arrangements or stolen aspects. No stolen software is used and all electronic works are made using my own program and edited in DAWs I own. Here's a link to some works: Lair of the...
  12. NickTypeZero


    Hello everyone! I'm new to the RPGMV forum but I've been using RM since VXACE and love it! I feel my strongest aspect in creating games is music, so if there is anyone out there who would like to collaborate, send me a message!
  13. MinisterJay

    Likha Recruitment

    I am working on a game called Likha. Imagine a world where the battlebot competitions have gotten so advanced, that the battlrbots are large, powerful, and humanoid. They are so powerful that different world powers want to use these technologically advanced battlebots for warfare. Many of the...
  14. Speedpaint Nightcore

    Need a team to help with game [FREE WORK][RMMV]

    Hey guys i'm back here again as my other team abandoned the project instantly.. Anyway I want to make a game based off stardew valley and if you don't kno what stardew valley is then google it and it should come up with a description for you. I want a game a lot like it but not identical to the...
  15. Lore

    A Musical Conversation

    Hi folks! This game is one you've probably heard of before. Playing is easy - using only a song title, you need to continue the story, the first line of which will NOT be a song title, but will be posted below. The more the song title makes sense in relation to the song title before and/or the...
  16. MarisaG

    Part of my game (music) has been worked out...

    A milestone - I now have all the music assets arranged for, so I can concentrate on the graphics and coding (my strong suit). You can take a listen to the music here: https://mundosangre.com/index.php/mundosangresoundtrack All music was either paid for or arranged via Creative Commons. May have...
  17. Skyrocker

    Could use some criticism on a soundtrack

    Right, so as the title suggests I made a soundtrack, and this is pretty much the very first soundtrack I've ever really made in FL Studio, (or at least the first one that I published, I do have another one but that one is alright). So all in all I am pretty proud of the result, but I'm kind of...
  18. Mr.Anderson

    Favourite music?

    Hey i didnt find a thread like this sooo here we go. Here you can post your favourite Music. Maybe even tell why you like it this much and how you found it. So letme begin: My favourite piece of music at the moment is this here: I just love the Theme of the 12th Doctor! I heard it first in...
  19. Lore

    Game Music

    Hey folks, When searching for, or creating, your game music, what do you use to achieve it? For instance, do you go to a site that has many free tracks? Or, if you create your own, what program/s do you use? I'm just curious as to see how everyone comes up with their music choices.
  20. SonarCero

    Need opinions/critiques

    So I've been working on some music for one of my games and I would like an opinion on what you guys think. I primarily work with Chiptune and 8bit styles with hints of dubstep from time to time. Let me know what you guys think. Project A- Area1 Loopz Fruity Loopz Battle Loopz