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  1. Dreamsavior

    RMMV Scrubber

    An utility to clean up RPG Maker MV unused resources. This tools is part of RMMV Toybox, a collection of tools for RPG Maker MV that developed by Dreamsavior. Hello fellow makers, I know we already had a nice deployment tools integrated along with recent updates of RPG Maker software. We...
  2. K

    Sprites and Horror resources

    Hello! I am currently working on a horror game, getting all sorts of resources for this idea I have. ^^ I kindly ask anyone willing to help me to point me to some good, free tilesets and objects I can use for a horror game set in a somewhat spacious mansion (hah, kinda reminds of Mad Father...
  3. MinisterJay

    We Have OVER 1,000 Resources

    I noticed this a little late. As of this post, we have 1,015 RESOURCES. Packages: 28 Plugins: 287 That's right. We almost have 300 PLUGINS. Audio: 88 Fonts: 2 Images: 446 Misc. 4 Demos: 39 Completed Games: 20 This number is going to rise shortly, with our Halloween Game Challenge. Non...
  4. BlacksmithMV

    RTP Character EmoSets

    I'm intent on using the RTP of MV to make my game and I like to use emosets to help immerse the player in the story. I'm not sure if any emosets for the MV characters exist yet, but if they do I would very much like to be linked to them. The more, the better; I'm a bit of a collector, so I need...
  5. MinisterJay

    How to Get Your Resources Downloaded Straight From THIS Site

    Why am I do this tutorial? There are a number of members that have difficulty downloading resources that come from external links. Some resource providers may not realize that they CAN have resources available to members that are downloaded straight from here. I personally have never...
  6. Sasaki-Kaemon

    Resources Not Showing Up - HELP!

    So I do the same method I'm seeing everywhere I go and for some reason RMMV is not showing them at all. I put everything in the appropriate folder and I even make sure the images are in PNG format and the music is in M4A format or OGG depending on where they go. Nothing shows up. Tried several...
  7. MinisterJay

    Would RMMV Forum members like to see more Ball World resources?

    I am working on the demo for "Ball People I: The Revolution." I am making a lot of images for the Ball World and multiple Ball Universes. Do the members want to see more Ball World resources? Asking this before adding more to Resource Forum.
  8. Storytailor

    Boat Map Resources?

    Hello all, my problem's a relatively simple one: are there any map sets within MV that allow for mapping the exterior and interior of a ship? I'm looking to make a port and several scenes which take place on a boat, and I can't for the life of me see anything within the included tilesets that...