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rpg maker mv

  1. Asendji

    "A Journey through Consciousness" - RPG Maker MV project

    - 9 months' special video can be seen here, as well as all other videos I have posted about my progress on the game (on that same channel!). No downloadable part yet. Closed alpha. Under development project. "A Journey through Consciousness" is a complex process that will have implemented...
  2. Taleblender

    The Quiz v1.1

    The Quiz is an short educational text-based interactive fiction RPG maker game created by Frederick C. Borromeo. Made with RPG Maker MV. The bot wants to test 20 quizzes to finish. (Note: The background of keyboard input has a little blurry behind the text image) Features: Based on Zork This...
  3. X

    Certain Tiles Not Working- please help

    I made a few places with this same tileset, and it appears the flooring mainly is what is left black when I test the game. It was a free uploaded fire/cave kind of tileset from someone else that was made custom. Yet, the way they left it online, it won't even take all of the tiles, but it does...
  4. KOC - 316

    Animations?! Voice acting?!! OMG! Rpg maker anime?!

    Hello, everyone! I am KOC - 316! This is not a video game! This is my rpg maker sprite anime with voices!!! Check it out!! Be sure to like, share, and subscribe!!!
  5. Dreamsavior

    Translator++ - RPG Maker translation made easy

    One day, I encountered a good doujin game at certain site. It has an exceptionally good user review, beautiful artwork along with captivating game play… on top of that, this game is distributed for free. But, too bad … this game is in Japanese, while I … just like the rest of 7 billion earth...
  6. Doppelherz

    Weird shadow in Window.

    I'm trying to make my own window, but as you can see from the gameplay picture; there is a darker area inside the window edges that goes all around the window. I don't know where it comes from or how to fix it, because there shouldn't be that dark area as you can see in the other picture...
  7. Lorenze

    She Dreams Elsewhere - A surreal adventure JRPG

    You wake up in a foggy haze with one hell of a headache. The way ahead is dark and foreboding. You remember who you are, but not a lick of how you got there. And to top it all off, you’ve got a persistent, bloodthirsty doppelgänger chasing after you. Welcome to your coma - enjoy your stay...
  8. Tuomo L

    Strangers of the Power 2

    Abstract Strangers of the Power 2 is a sequel that seeks to improve and expand upon the formula of the original and help bring more of the same kind of a game that people got with the original. This topic, just like the game itself is WIP and will receive various updates. Story The castle...
  9. Xyphien

    How to sell your RMMV Game and Plugins

    Hello RMMVers! This post will explain to anyone who is interested in selling either their Resources, or Games on our website. It's quite easy, however I feel some people might not know how to, or if you were able to do this at all in the first place! Firstly you're going to need an account on...
  10. tyler lions

    [Paid Commission] for custom tilesets

    looking for rpg maker MV custom tile sets, and custom objects. -custom indoor tile sets & -custom outdoor objects and building designs. if you are interested contact me and I will explain all the details. feel free to name your price, just contact me, or email me at tylerlions@live.com
  11. DuckBornDave

    New to RMMV.co

    Hello fellow game makers! My name is David (DuckBornDave online) and I have been using RPG Maker for a good few years on and off as a hobby. I have never delved deep into the programming and scripting side although it greatly interests me, but I have wrote many a story that has been intended to...
  12. Mr. Open

    Borderless map? Need help.

    Hi! (heart) I'm looking for a way to make my map constantly repeated; without borders. What I mean is, the map would connected from all sides and whenever player crosses the "Western border" of the map he appears on the "Eastern border of the map". Is there a way to do so? (tongue) I haven't...
  13. Mr. Open

    Message text editing?

    Hello! I was trying to make my in-game messages more varied and I was wondering if there's a way to make the text or the dialogue box written in Bold or in Italics? If no, is there a script for RPG Maker MV enabling it? I know there was no such option in VX Ace, but there was a script made by...
  14. zeN

    Looking For Game With All Events Included [game files]

    RPG Maker MV looking for a game with all events included, nothing too complicated. Please link it to me, (game files), etc. Thanks.
  15. pianotm


    I'm pianotm and I spend most of my time on RMN. I'm not really big into RMMV. I'm mostly a user of 2K3 and VX Ace, but I use it from time to time and am using it for IGMC 2017, so I may as well involve myself with the MV community.
  16. PhilipDraco

    Where's the Javascript function that controls "press z or c to continue message"

    Hello there! :D I'm currently breaking the code of RPG Maker MV with my complete lack of knowledge of javascript, and was wondering if anyone could point me to something. I can't find the function that progresses the text window when it's open. Now, I found a function that lets me add more...
  17. Theonean

    Theonean-the studying-hardworking-mapmaker

    Wow thats one hell of a title. Alright so to start off: im 17 live in Switzerland and will not disclose further private details :p(sorry for all the people stalking me) However: I thouroughly enjoy using RPGmaker MV and love to make maps,learn to use the gui and maybe even one day learn to...
  18. SonarCero

    Parallel event broken?

    Hey, I'm having issues with an event I have set up for a merchant to start pacing back and forth on a custom path, though he's just standing in place, what can I do to fix this? Also a friend using Mv is having trouble with an npc not going along a path she had set up. Any ideas? EDIT: Issue...
  19. Tuomo L

    Adventures of Dragon - RPG indie game

    Kickstarter Greenlight The original Adventures of a Dragon came out 16 years ago as a revolutionary story RPG. It had hundreds of fans, many spinoffs, and was loved by its reviewers. This new, updated version brings more content, fixes any bugs, and gives better graphics. This gives a fresh...
  20. J

    RAT-C Productions Recruiting!

    Hey guys, I'm currently recruiting for my Productions group who is currently working on a Slasher/Horror Rpg with a very heavy Butterfly effect influence to it. I'm looking to make it look as original as it will be for our community as I've seen no one else has come up with the idea yet. Some...