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rpg maker mv

  1. ARTREiCk

    Hi people :)

    Hello everyone, I'm new to RPG Maker. I start my first little project to train myself. I try to improve my development skills to one day work on far bigger projects.
  2. K

    Sprites and Horror resources

    Hello! I am currently working on a horror game, getting all sorts of resources for this idea I have. ^^ I kindly ask anyone willing to help me to point me to some good, free tilesets and objects I can use for a horror game set in a somewhat spacious mansion (hah, kinda reminds of Mad Father...
  3. V

    How to program objects to move around?

    Hello! I wanted to know how to properly set up events so as the player could push a box around and when it gets to a certain area the player can climb up on it and grab a high up objects. I couldn't figure out how to set up an events for when the object gets to a certain block but I made an...
  4. Stevushka

    The Adventures of Todd: A School RPG (TAT:ASRPG)

    I'm currently working on a game called 'The Adventures of Todd: A School RPG'. What started as a simple, crappy idea back in August of 2016, has evolved into so much more, and became my passion. I've been working on the plot and making some soundtracks up until now, but the actual development...
  5. n9n-3d-1g1t

    Character(Sprite) Save Name Information for RPG MKR MV

    Character(Sprite) Save Name Information: I found this information upon a forum or yahoo answer blog somewhere and thought that it would be useful for those editing character palettes. RPG MAKER MV is set to divide the palette of sprites into a 1/12 width by a 1/8 height giving eight...
  6. jaye

    Get Rid of Blurry Background in Menus (Small Tutorial)

    I have finally figured out how to get rid of the blurry backgrounds in the menus. There may be a lot of other people who have figured it out also, but I couldn't find any tutorial. So I have decided to post a small tutorial on how to do this. Open your rpg_managers.js in a text program. (I...
  7. Xyphien

    2016 RMMV Awards!

    Hello RMMVers! 2016 is over, and 2017 has begun! This means it's time for our first ever Game Awards! The following games are available to vote. In order to vote simply cast your vote using the poll here: Mystery Dorm Author:MUHD ADIB One Day Left Author:Dad3353 Skelee's Halloween...
  8. A

    Aligning Event Door

    How is this possible without it showing any overlap?
  9. jaye

    Large Description for Items

    I am trying to create a small code that will allow a larger description for items and etc via notebox in the database. Does anyone know how to do this?
  10. MrClicks

    Type One 2018 Exciting Update!

    Working on a space themed game. What do you think?
  11. Crimson Nightfox

    MV Generato Expansion Help

    I got this download and extracted all goods onto the generator folder but as soon as I run my game, it ain't popping up. Can anyone help me? http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/48613-bokous-freesources-updated-terms/&page=1
  12. Lakaroth

    Dark Dithering

    An adventure game based in Hell, you are Murray, an unlucky skeleton that need to find out how to remove his curse. A game design like Zelda, funny dialogs like Monkey island, and an atmosphere like Ghost & Goblins, this is Dark Dithering. An old school game, pixel art and hand drawing...
  13. Speedpaint Nightcore

    Need a team to help with game [FREE WORK][RMMV]

    Hey guys i'm back here again as my other team abandoned the project instantly.. Anyway I want to make a game based off stardew valley and if you don't kno what stardew valley is then google it and it should come up with a description for you. I want a game a lot like it but not identical to the...
  14. Phoenexis

    The Corrupted Legend

    =================== The Corrupted Legend =================== Version 0.0.1b I'm currently developing a game called The Corrupted Legend. You follow the story of Whitlock, an ex-soldier from a fallen country known as Asteria. Without purpose, Whitlock decides to forge his own way through the...
  15. Shagne

    Hello! ^_^ (and probably some questions...)

    (pizza) My name is Shagne. I love pizzas & french fries. I am a multimedia artist I love playing video games. Specifically RPGs.. Some of the games I love are.. Tales series (Abyss, Symphonia 2, Zestiria, Graces f) FF series (VII, VIII, X, X-2, XIII, XIII-2, Dissidia 12) KH series (I, II, BBS)...
  16. cub28


    cub28 here. I'm learning how to use RPG Maker MV and I'm really lovin it. Hope to make something that people will have a good experience on. <3
  17. Zarsla

    Starting RPG Maker MV Videos

    Hey everyone, I'm starting two rpg maker video tutorial series. One is based on my game(s), that I'm making and the stuff featured in it. And the other I wish to be based on topics that you asked. I'm not good at scripting (so no how to make a plugin tutorials) but I know my way around...
  18. Zackleaynts

    Let's make a community RPG of and for rpgmakermv.co?

    A community RPG, meaning, the characters within the game will be us the members of this forums rpgmakermv.co. Reasons for this are..one, it's to strengthen rapport among us all, two, it gives us a platform where we could work and learn together as a side-project, or maybe even a main project for...
  19. Boy Who Codes

    RPG Maker MV Plugin Dev: Creating Your Own Action Battle System

    This is a thread dedicated to my video project where we are going to create an action battle system for RPG Maker MV. Part 1 - Enemy Attributes on Events
  20. AceOfShades

    Pocket Wi-Fu - Recruiting

    Pocket Wi-Fu is a "Mai Waifu"-catching RPG with an emphasis on dating sim mechanics, based on harem manga and anime. The title is a wordplay between Pocket Wi-Fi, "Waifu" and Kung-Fu(well only to the point that characters do battle in-game). The goal in the game is similar to Pokemon, which is...