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rpg maker mv

  1. jamal.a.williams90

    Eventing An Action Battle System Tutorial Series

    I'm starting a new tutorial series about eventing an Action Battle System in MV. I will be going through how to create enemies that fight you on the map and can kill you if they take enough damage, HUDs, Creating a system for when the player equips weapons or selects skills etc. Part 1 Part 2
  2. Val Ray

    RPG Fighter League - A Battle to Finish! (DEMO is out)

    RPG - Fighter League - A Battle to Finish! - (link to dev blog on this project) Demo / Prototype / Link Google Drive (330 mb) For fans of old classic RPG / JRPG fighting mecanics in a world full of secrets and great characters. I would like to have your thoughts on my project thank you! :D...
  3. Xyphien

    RMMV Text Commands

    Hello everyone, I'm going to show you all how to customize your RMMV chat! I'm unsure if you know, but you can change the font color and font size for everything. You're able to change the font color by simply putting in the following text before a word: \c[0] \c[1] \c[2] \c[3] \c[4] \c[5]...
  4. jamal.a.williams90


    Hey, so as you may or may not know from my intro i have been posting MV Tutorials on YouTube mostly around things i figured out how to do in MV without need of scripting. I've only done three so far if you'd like to look at them the links are below hope you find them useful for your projects.
  5. Panman14

    Realistic Shop System

    Before I start, i'm not entirely sure where to post this so if this has to be moved or whatever my bad. I wanted to know if there was a way to make a more realistic shop system where you (the player) go to a shelf in the shop, grab the item(s) of interest then go to the counter to checkout. I...
  6. Squarkz

    It's Dangerous To Go Alone

    I'm working on my first project EVER and I would like to get some feedback or even some help for you guys. Besides from the special stuff we still need to put some basics in the game... That's all for now I have in mind. So I'm asking you guys if someone has some better ideas or will be...
  7. Squarkz

    Lab Tile

    So I have been searching for a Lab Tile for a while to import into my game. But I am unable to find any for RPG Maker MV. So if somebody would help me that would be nice! Thanks in advance!
  8. Squarkz

    Fanmade Mario game: Toad Lord

    Hello guys, While I have problems to get sprites for my first guy maybe I can work in the meantime at another game. THE TOAD LORD!!! So I want to ask you guys if this has some potential and if someone could help me to get the sprites for this game :p Thank you for your attention!
  9. N

    Using variables as Stats

    Hi! I released a Action-RPG game on Sunday and when developing I used variables to define all the stats because the way RPG Maker MV manages them (only increase and decrease) is not practical for me as I want to set them to specific values throughout the game. However, the software doesn't...
  10. Squarkz

    Do I need a script for Party change?

    The question is in the title. My game is about a lot of team members and you will have to be able to change your party members of course. So I'm asking do I need a script to be able to do this? If yes then how? :p Thanks in advance!
  11. Boy Who Codes

    RMMV Plugin Scripting Tutorials

    I have the whole remaining months making videos and tutorials, so while I still have the strength and I am still alive, I'd like to create this thread. This is all I can do for the RM community for now, and I do hope it would help people learn how to write their own plugins in the future. I...
  12. Storytailor

    Game Doesn't Load...

    I feel someone else may have had this issue, but I can't find the thread - I've been working on my game a fair amount the past few days but haven't come around to testing it... until today! I wanted to see how the smaller maps looked on-screen, so I pressed the 'Launch' button... and 5 minutes...
  13. Lato

    Cry Havoc

    The year is 467 AD and the Roman Empire is a shadow of its former self, forced to rely heavily on auxiliary troops from nearby tribes to survive. This is the story of Havoc, a young barbarian auxiliary officer in the service of Rome. As Havoc fights the enemies of the empire in the east he will...
  14. Storytailor

    "Relik" Plans (So Far)

    Hey gang, I guess it's hypocritical of me to encourage everyone to post something of their story and game info, but withhold myself. Even though it makes me nervous to do so, I have to believe more good will come of this than harm. Basics: "Relik" is a classic 2D RPG with a focus on rich story...
  15. Storytailor

    Boat Map Resources?

    Hello all, my problem's a relatively simple one: are there any map sets within MV that allow for mapping the exterior and interior of a ship? I'm looking to make a port and several scenes which take place on a boat, and I can't for the life of me see anything within the included tilesets that...
  16. Storytailor

    Do I Bother..?

    Hey all, so I haven't had time to even set up RPG Maker MV yet, much less get a Steam account so I can run it on my Mac (which apparently is needed :'(). Having never actually been an active member during a new release, is it worth it to download the game maker and everything right away? Because...
  17. Xyphien

    RMMV Halloween Contest!

    Special thanks to @PandaMaru for making this banner! Hello everyone, it's been 2 days after the release of MV, and many of you have already had a chance to get accustomed to the program. As you all may know, halloween is right around the corner, and we're going to go ahead and make a Halloween...
  18. Questions

    Make party members not follow you

    I 'm having troubles wording this. But how do you go about making the party members not follow. I want them to be in my party, and that's it.
  19. Questions

    How do you transfer your VX Ace to MV?

    So, RM told us we'd be able to transfer our games made in VX Ace to MV. How do we go about doing this?
  20. Xyphien

    Steam How to add DLC to RMMV?

    I purchased RMMV via steam, and I cannot for the life on me figure out where the RPG Maker MV folder is on my computer. On VX Ace it installed in my documents, also, where do I even go to for the DLC files in steam.