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  1. GameJester

    "White Rose" GameDev 2019 Contest

    "Wh....what? Where am I?" It was dark, almost pitch black if it were not for the faint purple light leaking through a door in front of me. The air stank of sulfur. There was no sound. It was so soundless, the deafening high pitch noise that is almost literally the absence of sound, was ringing...
  2. Aisling Starr

    I lost my game. Three times. Everything is gone. T_T

    I originally started Garando on RPGMMV, and had gotten most of the "sandbox" done, then...poof. Deleted. So maybe I took it as a sign and started on another approach for the demo I was making. Poof. That deleted itself. I know I had the files saved. Then, the third one didn't have much on it...