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  1. Jordan Winslow

    How to Install RPG Maker MV on a Chromebook

    I am writing this article as a request by @RPGMaker_MV on Twitter. A fast and lightweight Linux distro for ChromeOS devices. Pictures speak a thousand words! Today we will be using GalliumOS, a custom Linux operating system for Chromebooks, to install and run Steam natively on a Chromebook...
  2. Amysaurus

    Let's Get Social (Media, that is!)

    Hey! @Starbird mentioned the idea of having a list of people's Twitter names on the forum, so I thought I'd put together a topic for us to share some of our social media handles. (cute) Feel free and post any handles/links you're comfortable with sharing, and I'll start forming a list! Users...
  3. foe

    Greetings and salutations Earthlings

    Heya everyone, new to these boards but not new to RPGmaker. Been a user and player since RM95. If you'd like to help me out I'm trying to help my friends game get greenlit so check it out. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=849728997 << Every vote counts! Hope to see...
  4. Avalanche

    Publishing Deal

    Hello everyone, Adam from Avalanche Studioz here Not sure if this belongs here as I am new to this Forum but if not let me know and ill move it :) We currently Publish games to Steam/Andriod Market and looking for your games to publish for you, FAQ Q. What about my intellectual Property...
  5. Killer Gin

    Killer Gin 0.9.9 (Master Particle Edition), RPG with dating and farming!!

    (*The game is constantly being updated, all screenshots are old.) Current Demo: 0.9.9 Demos Available: PC, MAC, Linux (mobile later) Last Demo uploaded: 12/13/18 Official Game Page: www.killergin.com (Download PC, Mac and Linux demos) Play Killer Gin Online...
  6. Cunechan

    rmmv 30% off steam sale

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/363890/ The engine is on sale on steam as well as the cover art characters dlc and the season pass(cute). There's also a giveaway: If you don't have it yet there's a good chance to get it now for less money. Please correct me if I posted in the wrong thread...
  7. Sinnistar

    Tales of the Lumminai - Assistance Wanted

    We are currently only in need of a plugin developer atm. Anything else won't be accepted unless we feel your work is of great quality since we have all other roles filled. This excludes voice acting (since we don't know if we can do that on our own or not). Me and my small team have been...
  8. legendreef1

    rpg maker mv - sale , tell me

    it black Friday or cyber Monday on steam (autum sale) I look on humblebundle and other website(bundlestar, etc) but 10% off, ew. can someone tell me when it less than 10% off ty. or like on humblebundle week ...
  9. PandaMaru

    How to make screenshots for steamupload

    Maybe a silly question... But how can I take and upload screenshots of MV games if I want to upload them on steam? F12 should start the screenshot manager but nothing happen at all on my laptop.
  10. Xyphien

    Steam How to add DLC to RMMV?

    I purchased RMMV via steam, and I cannot for the life on me figure out where the RPG Maker MV folder is on my computer. On VX Ace it installed in my documents, also, where do I even go to for the DLC files in steam.
  11. ragneBro

    Add me on Steam

    I don't know how many people use steam here on the forum, but feel free to add me. Or just post your nickname for others to add. Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RMMVCO Forum nicknames on Steam: Amysaurus Bizarre Monkey DarcHiro David Foxfire dcsant LTNGames Maebius MinisterJay...