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"A Journey through Consciousness" - RPG Maker MV project

- 9 months' special video can be seen here, as well as all other videos I have posted about my progress on the game (on that same channel!).
No downloadable part yet. Closed alpha. Under development project.

"A Journey through Consciousness" is a complex process that will have implemented different mechanics to simulate reality (in certain ways).
The aim is to aid people in realising the complexity that lies within their Subconscious mind, and see that the rabbit hole can go really deep.
It will feature aparently simple Visual Novel style texts, since this Chapter I am working at will be a Visual Novel one, others will also include RPG characteristics, where needed.
It will place great accent on how each playable character is different, coming with a story for each, aiming to have around 12 endings for each character.
The player will be immersed in the atmosphere peculiar to the character they chose, and it is more important for them to actually feel the character, rather than just play another game.